So back to Toronto…

The trip was restful and a lot of fun. But it was also tough to enjoy it completely, as I kept seeing other families out and about which made me miss mine terribly. Of course, those families all seemed to have children in remarkably good moods. Not one meltdown did I see. Not one mother frantically gathering up her children who are on the verge of collasping the entire restaurant, with the father mumbling over and over, “sheesh, just bring the check already….where’s the dang check??? I knew this was a bad night to go out…waitress!!” And of course, buy Monday morning I was missing them so much I still would have taken that rukus over a quiet cuppa in the coffee shop around the corner. Funny how we parents always want some time so badly, but really, just a little time will do.

The boys did okay while I was gone. Little Man was sassy and Knittybaby was clingy, but otherwise things went pretty well. The only big problem was I vastly underestimated the amount of pumped milk I needed to stash away for Knittybaby while I was gone. He only nurses a few times during the day, but I guess he’s nursing a lot more than I realize at night. The poor Skeptic was up about every hour and a half with Knittybaby, who was hungry. The freezer stash was used up in the first couple of days. Luckily he’s old enough for cows milk and was fine with that as a temporary replacement. In the meantime, I was back in Toronto dumping bottles of pumped milk down the drain. The airline rules say you can’t take pumped breastmilk on the airplane with you unless you have your baby with you. So crazy, as most moms who have their baby with them have no need for pumped breastmilk. It’s the poor the moms who travel for work who are the ones who need to bring the milk back home with them. So frustrating….

On to the yarn:

Lettuce Knit 2

Lettuce Knit was as tiny as Romni Wools was huge, but everything was so nicely arranged in that “jammed packed without feeling jammed packed” way that little shops are so good at. It was a lovely visit and the perfect day for just wandering around. It was hard for me to make up my mind as there was so much I wanted to take home.

Lettuce knit

I stuck to my promise and bought only stuff I can’t get back here in the Cities. The boys aren’t going to last much longer playing, so I’ll just direct you over to my Flickr pictures to get the lowdown on all the yarn I bought. It was a great day, just wandering around Kensington and Chinatown. I really want to go back there with the whole family.

Lucky me, after all the great yarn, I came home to more of it!! My SP10 pal strkes again with another great package:

SP10 package

The package was cleverly sent in a scotch whiskey tin which Little Man hijacked for his own. I was happy to be left with the contents!

A close up of the yarn:


This one is a new brand to me, which is always fun! I love the blend of different browns. Thanks so much SP10!!! Spoiled again! 🙂
Today’s project, to sew an apron for a party by this afternoon. The Skeptic’s at work, it’s me and the boys. Will I make it?
Girls apron

The puppies are crabby. They don’t think I’ll be done in time.
Grumpy puppies

I was just about to post when two things happened:

I realized I haven’t posted about all the knitting I did in Toronto. I need to take pics and then I’ll do that. That’s not that exciting.

This is exciting. My cousin Terri called. Not only will she be at Sheperd’s Harvest next weekend (that alone is fun!) but she’s got alpaca fleece to give me as well!!! I’m seriously dancing around the room now.

Now that I mentioned the festival, who’s going? Anyone up for a bloggers meet-up?



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10 responses to “So back to Toronto…

  1. B

    Those prints are adorable! Dumping out breastmilk should never be a rule! What a waste. I was thinking about going to the Sheperd’s Harvest. Is it big? I have never been there before, and I have only spun like two times. If gas wasn’t so expensive…sigh. Did you see the yarn harlot while you were at Lettuce Knit?

  2. I’ll see you at Shepherds Harvest if it isn’t cold and rainy. Unfortunately it’s always cold and rainy.

  3. ooh, can’t wait to see the apron! Love the grumpy puppies.

  4. How funny…I was just looking at some apron patterns today and thinking that they might make fun summer vacation sewing projects. I don’t think I’ll find any fabric as cute as yours, though!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip even though you missed the boys. I really must visit that city sometime…

  5. I’ll definitely be at Shepherd’s Harvest. I’m planning on going with a friend on Sunday, but I could be persuaded to go Saturday too if there’s going to be a blogger’s get together.

  6. The Shepherd’s Harvest meetup is a great idea! I was going to post about that, too. Can we make it in the afternoon if it’s on Saturday? I have a class in the morning and I don’t want to miss meeting everyone!

    Your SP10 sent some nice yarn – I have some of that too and it feels lovely. I love the colors!

  7. Amy

    I’m planning on going on Sunday, depending on the weather.

  8. I’m glad you had a good time. Sometimes being away makes a person love and appreciate their family even more. I know that’s true for me!

  9. I’ll probably see you there! I might manage it even if it is cold and rainy. 🙂

  10. How cool to see a picture of Lettuce Knit! I bought my Sweet Georgia from them after she announced her hiatus and they were so wonderful to work with. It looks like a cool shop.
    The airline thing is insane. Two weeks ago they made a little old lady in front of me in line leave behind her cute little sealed bottle of maple syrup because it was more than 3 oz. Sheesh!

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