A cowl problem…

I made a cowl to match this hat, using the rest of the Posh yarn I  got from Mrs. Pao. As usual, the yarn is gorgeous! But I think I cast on too many stitches. The cowl is a little wider than I’d like, and it also has a tendency to roll despite the garter stitch I added at the end and beginning. I’d like it to stand up a bit more as well.

Sept-Nov 2008 088

So now I’m stuck with a decision. It’s not exactly what I wanted. However, it does the trickand my neck is warm (at least around the house and outside on the not-too-cold days). It looks fine, just not great. Plus I’m working on a cowl for the Skeptic now and won’t feel like re-knitting this one again, so I’ll probably leave it as is for now.  Spinner adoes ppreciate the cowl rather than a scarf, which would tickle him as he naps in his favorite  hangout.



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7 responses to “A cowl problem…

  1. Maybe the same or only slightly fewer stitches on a smaller needle to give it more stand-uppedness?

  2. I think when you have a jacket on. it will stand up higher. Love the color

  3. I think it looks great! If you’re unhappy with it to the point that you think you’ll avoid wearing it, then I say frog it and redo it. It won’t take very long to reknit. But if you’re happy to wear it as is, then go for it!

  4. It looks lovely (terrific photo too!) as is. If you wanted, you could posibly steek and then add buttonbands to create a snugger fit. But that kinda seems like more work than reknitting. : )

  5. i agree with Marsha. if it’s enough to cause you to not wear it, frog it. but it does look great!
    i have a cowl i was hoping wouldn’t roll so much and is a little bit looser. i still can’t decide what to do with it!

  6. I love the color, and it looks super soft. I say if you’re not happy with it and think it may get set aside and not worn as a result, rip it out and re-do, pain in the arse though it would be!

  7. It looks great on you but I would agree the rolling is a bit of a pain. Perhaps you could put it to one side to rip another day?

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