A Story and a Soaker

So ages ago I repaired some gorgeous fair-isle mittens for a friend. I was completely in love with them, and even more so when I found out who made them.
fair isle antiques
See this loveliness? Her great-grandpa knit these for her grandmother (born 1916) when she was a young woman. Her name is even knit into these.
fair isle

I guess the story goes that he injured himself in an electrocution accident while at work. His doctor prescribed knitting as a way to get the agility back in his hands. Obviously he took to it because these are absolutely beautiful!!

Now this same friend has a son a few months older than Spinner. Continuing on with my soakermania I just finished a pair of Picky Pants for him. Now when he and Spinner are hanging out they can both be super cute together in all their wooly goodness.

He’s obviously pleased with them and knows he looks quite smart. The yarn is more Blackberry Ridge Kaleidoscope. Love that stuff, it hardly pills at all.

And now to sum it all up, despite a horrific experience with dishcloth cotton a couple of years ago, this friend has succumbed to the wool. Not only is she now knitting, but she is the proud owner of a skein of Koigu, a skein of Malabrigo, and she got her Ravelry invite this morning. There’s no going back for her now!



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7 responses to “A Story and a Soaker

  1. What a beautiful mitten/love story! I’d say that gentleman took his therapy seriously.

    Also loving the soaker pants. They look so warm!

  2. Love the mittens and LOVE the story behind them! How awesome – I need to have my boyfriend read that and teach him how to knit! πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Spinner’s lookin pretty adorable in those pants!!!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful story behind the lovely mittens!

    Spinner is growing so fast!

  4. What a great story, love the mittens. Wow Spinner is getting so big.

  5. Way to share the wool love!!! The yarns you listed are wool equivalent of crack, start her out on such strong yarns!! WOW!

  6. what a sweet story! my FIL knit me a scarf out of eyelash yarn of all things. in peacock blue. πŸ™‚

    love the color of your new soakers btw.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What a wonderful story!

    Spinner looks so cute πŸ™‚

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