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Be still my heart….

Little Man is knitting.

Sept-Nov 2008 011

This happened so suddenly, and I think it is a good testament to how quickly growth can happen.

Previous attempts have always gone exactly the same:

1. “Mom, I want to knit!”

2. I get some bulky needles, bulky yarn. We cuddle up, I teach him how to hold, the little rhyme we say, we start, taking baby steps.

3. He’s all thumbs (aren’t we all?) but really all thumbs. The whole two needles + yarn is completely throwing him off. Frustration ensues.

4. “Mom? I don’t want to knit.”

5. End of lesson.

We had a little session like this just last month. So when we went to the yarn store with a friend and her daughter last weekend to buy new yarn for my friend (a newbie knitter) and needles and yarn for her seven year old daughter, I was hesitant when Little Man asked for the same kid’s beginning kitty needles that his friend was getting. He was persistent, I gave in.

Somehow in the last few weeks something changed. He got it, got it well enough that after three rows with my help he was knitting on his own.
Sept-Nov 2008 009

He’s knit a row a two a day since then, and it seems to be sticking.He loves it when we knit together. Whether or not he grows up to be fiber obsessed, an occasional knitter, or a boy who thinks knitting is dorky remains to be seen. Regardless, at least I can say “I taught my son to knit.”



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