Now where was I?

Oh yes, projects.

But first, I know I didn’t get a chance to say thanks to all of you who left me such nice get well messages. I went from feeling a little better Monday night, to even better Tuesday, to thinking I was surely going to die of a head explosion yesterday. I did absolutely no knitting for the last two days and went to bed early. Very rare for a busy body like me. Usually I’m more of this variety: I feel like my head is going to expolode and this pain is unbearable. I need to go to bed. But first I have to wash the floor, do the dishes, and knit twenty more rows on my sock. Which is probably why I’m so sick in the first place. But today was good, and while I did wash the floor I took it easy most of the day.

So anyway, before I gave in to the sinus infection of death, there was a dragon at my spinning wheel.

He’s been making frequent apperances lately, which should make his grandmother very happy that money for the dragon costume has been well spent. The dragon, along with his assistant, the tiny Wool-Eater, had been helping me to spin this:

Into this:

Which now looks like this:

Still pretty uneven. My spinning is still in the “woo-hoo, I’m SPINNING!!!” stage which means I just keep spinning away, oblivious to being even slightly even. But it’s still beautiful, and really, how even can you get with a dragon and baby who eats wool as your assistants?

Next, the pincushion:

Nothing too fancy. My first attempt at piecing anything together. But hey, it’s cute and does the trick.

This is my favorite:

Another one? Yes, but not just any old needle roll. A sock needle roll. A tiny roll for tiny needles.

See those little six inch size zeros in there? Yes folks, no more needles sliding around in a too-big needle roll that was meant for seven inch size eights. This is for teeny-tiny sock needles only! And with interfacing…no more poking holes in the bottom. I’m very excited about this, and guess what? There will be more coming!

The only thing I’m a little dissappointed with is that the inside panel was supposed to be off-center on purpose, but I didn’t off center it enough so it just looks like I can’t measure. Other than that I’m pleased with the roll as well as my sewing skills. All those hearts made this a breeze.

Finally, the Ann Budd Raglan of Interweave Knitts, Spring 2004. It’s been hiding in my closet for two years. It used to be my lunch project, and I lost interest while pregnant since it would be no fun to finish it and not get to wear it. But now it’s back, and I’m decreasing.

Little Man’s suggestion? “Take is apart. It’s yucky.” (Someone didn’t think taking pictures of Mama’s stuff was a fun afternoon activity. I can’t understand why.)

I also have started some socks for the Skeptic but no pictures yet, as my picture taking mission had to come to a close. I’m sure you all understand why.

Now, off to another early bedtime.



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5 responses to “Now where was I?

  1. Miss Scarlett

    And people think dragons are myth!
    Sorry to hear about the sinus infection – they are brutal.
    Love the handspun – I really like those warbly thick and thin yarns and the blue is so nice and bright.
    The sock needle roll is perfect! What a brilliant idea – when you say more coming, does that mean they will be for sale? Here’s hoping.

  2. Jeanne

    You do a very nice job with your sewing. The tiny needle roll looks great. You pick out some wonderful looking fabrics.

  3. Heide

    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. The dragon at the wheel picture is just adorable and your yarn looks happy, Eastery and springy! I love the 1930 repo fabric in your pin cushion. I have some floating around and it may fulfill a similar destiny! Continue resting this weekend to make sure you’re completely well… wouldn’t want a relapse.

  4. Sheepish Annie

    I usually have cats at the spinning wheel. And they do not give up the chair gracefully. A dragon might be preferable…

    So glad you’re feeling better!

  5. B

    That’s a very nice needle case. I wish I had time to make something like that, because I could really use it. The spinning looks like fun. I was told by a spinner that once you get really good, all you can spin is lace weight and no fun thick and thin stuff.

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