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I turned 33 yesterday.

This in itself is a good thing, as so far my thirties have turned out to be my best years ever. But the week itself has been lacking, and while there have been lovely moments, to say I’m feeling frazzled would be a bit of an understatement.

The Skeptic has had to work so much that he’s pretty much been MIA since last Friday. Both boys have seemed to hit major developmental milestones that has made this week one of my “top ten toughest weeks ever” in raising children.

Little Man just seems to be in some sort of crazy “I’m turning four” thing which has resulted in one disaster after another, usualy prefaced with “Wanna see what I did?” I won’t get into details, but one of the worst ones involved two cans of cocoa and my couch.

Knittybaby has hit that ever so tough stage where he has realized that he wants to do things, like climb the stairs or get a bag of tortilla chips off the counter, but he can’t. This happens about every ten minutes, and he expresses his angst in the only way he can: high pitched screaming while hanging onto my leg.
You can’t blame either kid. Growing up is tough, and luckily I’ve had enough pleasant moments to get me through the week: a swell SP10 package, a lovely birthday gift from The Skeptic and the boys, a night out with my friends, playgroup. It’s probably the only reason I’m not hiding in the closet right now. So I know you’ll all forgive me when I don’t have pictures or a full report yet. My pizza’s just about done and then I’m going upstairs for movie night and maybe a little knitting if I can hack it. The Skeptic has the weekend off, and I’ll be back with lots of goodies for you all to see!

Oh, and I’m thrilled with all the contest entries so far! I’m trying to get back to everyone and visit the blogs that are new to me. Thanks to everyone who has already entered. If you haven’t, you’ve got until the 15th!



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