Coming Soon…..

Thanks to a nice weekend back at my parents, the raglan is done and I’m happy to say it is awesome!!! But, it’s still damp so no pictures yet. I should be able to get some tomorrow and then I can show it off.

Glad everyone liked my collection of stuff in the last post. The needle roll? Let’s just say there will be more to come with a certain new blog unveiling next week, as soon as I get my act together. I’m stressing a bit, because our little household will be celebrating all four birthdays in the next month. I want to open up the new blog and have a little celebration and we start with Knittybaby’s birthday next week. “What??” you’re all saying….Yes, he’s going to be one. I’m totally shocked about this. Then it’s my birthday. Then Little Man turns four (crazy!!). Then the Skeptic has his. That’s a lot of cake in one month.

So anyway, next week keep your eyes out for the move, and the needle rolls. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated over here until I’m all set to go.

Keep your fingers crossed I get that amigurumi done. He still has no head.


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