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And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the contest!

We’ve got a month of birthdays here to celebrate. Knittybaby turns one tomorrow. I’ve got a birthday the following week. Then comes Little Man, and the Skeptic finishes it all up on April 15th. So the contest will run from now until midnight, April 15th.

What do you need to do? Pretty simple. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your most memorable birthday ever. Whether it was fun, silly, sad, crazy, exciting, whatever. As long as it was one to remember. What if every single birthday you’ve ever had has just been dull and you really can’t remember anything other than turning a year older? Well, then just wish us all a happy birthday and we’ll call that an entry too!

Of course, there will be prizes. Three of them actually. I’ll give away two handmade needle rolls, either a regular double point needle roll or a mini sock needle roll, your choice. I’ll also give away two skeins of yarn. I’m hoping to get to Gale Woods this weekend to pick some up, as I’d like the yarn to be something local.

So that’s it. Get your entries in and have fun!

Speaking of birthdays, here is the status of Knittybaby’s amigurumi.


I ran out of the blue yarn last night. So I’m cramming tonight: two ears, two arms, two legs and the back of a head. I’m a little concerned, as I will feel like a total loser mom if his first birthday present isn’t done in time.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the new blog. I was glad to see some comments about the header. I love that picture and was trying to find a way to make it work. Any suggestions?  I’d like to get some more color on the blog yet and maybe tweak the header a little bit.

I asked the Skeptic what he thought last night. His reply: “Nice, but it’s a little beige. What happened to all the color?”

Gotta work on that.



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