So two weeks ago I came down with a little cold, which has since turned into some sort of ranging sinus infection. It kept teasing me. I’d feel better one day then worse the next. I finally decided this morning that work was just not going to happen and I needed to go to the doctor today. This stinks, as now I’ve missed my Monday music students two weeks in a row. Not cool when I only see them once a week. But, I reminded myself that this will not cause the world to end and I need to take care of my health. So off to the doctor I will go today.

I actually had a productive weekend craftwise. Being sick means I avoid all real housework and take it easy, either in front of sewing machine, wheel or needles. I sewed a new needle roll and pin cushion on Saturday (when my body tricked me into feeling a bit better) and spun a bobbin on Sunday (as I progressively got worse again). By the afternoon I just plopped myself in front on the needles and attacked my raglan sweater with a vengence. What raglan you say? The Ann Budd raglan hiding in my closet. I’m officially on the yoke. I have no pictures to show as I feel too crummy to find my camera.



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5 responses to “Sick

  1. Sheepish Annie

    Oh no! Feel better soon…I know what you mean about missing students and feeling badly about it. But, you’re right. It’s not worth getting everybody sick. You need to get better. And knit ‘n stuff! šŸ™‚

  2. Guinifer

    Sorry to hear you’re unwell. It’s been a really tough Winter for the viruses.

  3. Heide

    I hope you start feeling better soon and I’ll be checking back for pictures too.

  4. scappyhappy

    Hope you are all better by now or at least on the mend. Take care of yourself…they children will survive! I really enjoy your pictures and comments of your little ones though. I remember when my daughter was 3 and she cut out little pieces of all my fabric and then she cut her hair. She was extremely proud and I was heart sick. She is now 33 and has a son of her own (my precious grandson who does no wrong in Grandma’s eyes!). He has tried her patience more than once. Take care!

  5. Alison

    Feel better soon!

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