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The Good Postman

The Good Postman came today, with packages! First he made up for the package that the Not-So-Good Postman messed up. My last SP9 package!


Look at all these beauties! A candle, notebook, and more of that lovely soap she sent before (I LOVE handmade soap). There were chocolates, but I had to hide them as Little Man was having a fit because I only would give him two. So they are now “up-high” as we like to call it. Do you see the beautiful handknit washrag? And of course, the yarn! 1450 yards of lace weight merino. I think I’m in heaven. Now, what shawl should I knit with it? dsc02697.JPG

Thank you so much Jennifer for being such a great pal! I’ve loved everything!

So what else did he bring?

My Spunky Club yarn for March:dsc02705.JPG

Pretty, isnt’ it? Very Easter-ish, I think. It reminds me of dying eggs. The yellows and greens are actually brighter than the picture, almost a neon, but they look great with the softer blues. I think they’ll make great socks for the boys.

I also received a little treat for myself: Lotta Jansdotter’s “Simple Sewing.” Just beautiful. You can’t beat a book with 24 patterns in it!

But I don’t just have patterns to show off, I have been knitting:dsc02690.JPG

The Project Spectrum soaker is nearly finished.


This yarn, from Sandy’s Palette, is a great example of how a yarn can look even better when knit up. I liked it on the skein, but love it as a sock.


The Skeptic Socks on Cherry Tree Hill Yarn. You’ll notice some deviation from my usual here. I’m trying toe-up again, and I’m trying it on two circulars. The toe-ups are because apparently the Skeptic likes his socks as high as possible. After being together for over 13 years, I have just learned that he wishes all his socks would come up to his knees. I find this hilarious for some reason. But with just one skein, that’s not going to happen. How far can I even go? Shoudl I start looking for a second skein. He’s only a 10 and 1/2.

I’m not so sure about the circulars either. I’m finding that with my tendency to knit tight on socks I have trouble sliding the yarn back over the join each time, which slows me down. Ideas?

Okay, that’s a lot for one post. I’m off to add another arm to a little bear.

P.S. Don’t forget to get your contest entry in!



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