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Happy Birthday Knittybaby!!!

One year ago today, our lovely Knittybaby made his appearance.

I had spent the day in rehearsals at Orchestra Hall and was beat. The Skeptic was at a gig that night and I came home exhuasted, stuck with getting an overactive Little Man fed and to bed on my own. After a few days of false alarms I was sure Knittybaby wasn’t going to do me a favor by showing up a week before his due date. So, I plowed through the evening, kind of feeling like I ate too many enchiladas but nothing else.

Around 9pm I called the Skeptic: “So I’m not really having contractions but I feel weird. Just so you know to hurry up after the show, just in case.” Then I went to sleep.

Around 10pm I called our doula: “So I’m not really having contractions but I feel weird.”

“Take a nap and call me later,” she said. So I did.

Around midnight the Skeptic came home. “I’m having some contractions. Maybe I am really in labor, do you think? ”

We called our doula. “Sounds like it. Have a snack and get some sleep, she said. Give me a call when you think you need me.”

So we did. An hour and a half later I woke up: “Hey, contractions! Big contractions! Two minutes apart! Let’s go!!”

So my brother came over, we told our doula to meet us at the hospital and off we went. We got there, registered, got into our room and before I knew it my water broke and it was time to push. Sixteen minutes later, there he was, another beautiful boy, another easy labor, another natural, gentle birth. What a blessing. (For those of you keeping track while you’re reading, yes, it was less than four hours from when I decided I was probably in labor to the time he was born. I am a lucky, lucky girl.)
So a year later, we celebrate.

Knittybaby enjoys his first cake at his party on Sunday.

Little Man decided that instead of the card he was going to make his brother, he would feed him a pile of hot chocolate mix for his birthday instead.

Knittybaby thinks eating hot chocolate is a great idea. Knittymama, who was busy online doing preschool registration at the time, wasn’t so sure.

Knittybaby did receive his gift. He found it to be very exciting, despite the fact that it is missing it’s ears, arms and legs. I gave up at midnight last night when I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I reminded myself that as wonderful as handmade gifts are to give, occasionally reality sets in and you have three nights of cuddling a sick baby rather than crocheting a bear. I know Knittybaby would much prefer the cuddling and since he’s just turning one, won’t be too concerned with a “bear in progress.”


Knittybaby thinks his bear is cool, and was thrilled to hear that the bear will be magically growing ears, arms and legs while he sleeps. Not many bears can do that.



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