Daily Archives: August 17, 2006

One down…..

Toes down:
This one’s a little big. I made the mistake of measuring a month after Knittybaby was born when I still had my chubby post-pregnancy legs. Says hubby: “Looks like they’ll fall down to me.” But he says that for every sock. This time, he may be right. So now do I:

a. frog it? (yeah, right, this took me three months)
b. make the same size and give it away? (I’m too selfish. I like this sock.)
c. make the same size and just be a wee bit baggy?
d. make another smaller one and just have one bee a wee bit baggy?

Toes up:

I need a good bind of for this one. Suggestions? (Ugh, look at my scratched up floor!)

Problems? Look at my toes. Not smooth. I usually do a good kitchener stitch, but I used reinforcing thread the first time and that made it a challenge. I should have cut it off before the kitchener. I don’t know what’s up with the bump on the toe up toe.



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