What’s with the animals?

Kate has had a mouse problem lately. We’ve had mice a couple of times, but Arthur is a great mouser. He, shall we say, “took care of them” and they’ve been afraid to come in ever since. While I really don’t want a mouse in the house, I can deal. I got used to them while teaching at my old middle school, which had a serious mouse problem (no food outside the cafeteria, kids!) and I got used to them running around my classroom and causing all sorts of mayhem. Knowing I’ve got Arthur in the house, I can stay pretty calm under a mouse invasion.

While reading Kate’s comments, I noticed that Renee said she had a bat in her house the other night. I thought to myself, “Now THAT would suck. How do you even get a bat out? Eeesh!” This was around 10:00, and Little Man was asleep, Knittybaby was on his way to being asleep, and Hubby was out at the Pizza Luce Block Party. I was looking forward to listening to the Creative Mom Podcast and doing some knitting.

I put Knittybaby down to sleep, let Gracie in from her evening romp and made it through two rows of my sock and suddenly, WHOOSH, something was flying at my head. Yes my dears, I was lucky enough to get a bat in my house. You know what I did? I freaked, completely and totally freaked. Arthur was also freaked (so much for my great hunter) Basil was thrilled, and Gracie could care less. I grabbed Knittybaby, ran upstairs, closed the bedroom doors and called Hubby. Meanwhile I can hear Basil leaping at the bat downstairs, but since she weighs about 6 pounds and was declawed before we got her, there was little hope for her help.

Well, Hubby came home and chased the bat out the back door while I hid upstairs in the playroom. I can’t believe what a wimp I was. I actually love bats, and even wanted a bat house for the backyard. I was a Girl Scout camp counselor for two years. I can be tough, I can deal with wildlife, but for some reason I could not deal with this bat. So thanks Hubby, for rushing home and not being on a gig and not thinking I’m a total weirdo when I wouldn’t come downstairs and help you chase him. If you had been working, my brother would have gotten a call instead.

So anyway, I did not finish my sock. I didn’t even get to the toe decreases, which was my goal.
I might try to work on it when we drive out to the Lake Elmo airport this morning (fly-in and pancake breakfast!) but to be honest, I like my Knitpicks doublepoints, but they are the first time I have ever felt some knitting danger in the car. Those suckers are sharp!

Anyway, no sock, so I’ll show you finger painting instead:

Enjoy your Sunday!!!



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12 responses to “What’s with the animals?

  1. trek

    And the Sheep recently had a bug problem!

  2. Guinifer

    Bats freak me out!! And they’re really such good furry little friends eating all those nasty mosquitoes!

  3. Sheepish Annie

    You know, bats never really bothered me. Until, that is, a friend of mine had a whole extended family living in her walls that we needed to contend with. Oy!!!! Now I’m not such a friend to the bats.

  4. irishmama

    I would have done the same thing, bats freak me out.

  5. Chris

    Hmm, I haven’t had to deal with bats. I wonder how I’d do? Hopefully Chaos would put some of his mid-air acrobatic toy catching skills to work…

  6. Diane

    I had a bat in the house years ago and everytime I see something out of the corner of my eye it still freaks me out.

    Love the finger painting.

  7. Jeanne

    Bats….I have to say I’m an expert at removing them from my house. They are easy to knock out of the air with a large towel or blanket, and then you can just pick them up and toss them out. Having a cat watching helps in case you lose sight…cats never do.

  8. Kelly

    I can’t believe that. What are the chances that you would get a bat too. A good way to catch them, if there is a next time, is to throw a blanket over them. I have had to do it twice, but it worked pretty good.

  9. yakmidi

    I like bats, but you have to be careful. They can carry rabies. Even if you never come into contact with a bat, if you have cats, make sure they don’t get ahold of them, and then bite you. Make sure they’re up on their vaccinations.

    Other than that, bats are wicked cool.

  10. Kate

    You can only imagine, as freaked out by mice as I am, how I react to bats! Yuck.

  11. renee

    I called my friend Bill to help me with the bat, but he was already asleep and unwilling to come over. So I had the same idea as you – I called my brother. As it happened, I didn’t need either one. While I was waiting for Greg to get here, I managed to sort of crouch around the house, turning on all the lights and opening the front door. The bat eventually flew out the door into the dark porch. Then I shut the door to the house and opened the door from the porch. I saw the bat hanging on the screen – it was like Batman’s signal. Eventually he again flew outside by himself. I’m still checking all the corners of the rooms every time I walk in.

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