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A Dilemma

So the Harlot is coming. Coming, but not close enough to make it easy. She is coming to Eau Claire, WI, about an hour and a half from the Cities. Easy if I didn’t have a five month old baby. But, Knittybaby has just begun to stay home with Daddy and Little Man, and is hasn’t been going well. You see, with Little Man, I began to pump and do weekly bottle introductions diligently when he was 6 weeks old (the recommended time by breastfeeding experts). I was lazy with Knittybaby, and only started pumping a couple of weeks ago; he’s five months already so I’m way behind. While the pumping is going fine, he’s not digging the bottle and holds out for the real deal (frankly, I don’t blame him). But that means I can be gone a little bit, but not that long. Definitely not long enough to go to Eau Claire and back. So the dilemma is, do I just say “bummer” and not go, hoping she’ll come around here again for the next book or do I take Knittybaby with me? If I take him the worst that can happen is that he gets crabby or loud during her talk, and I have to go to the lobby and thenI drive all that way and miss it. But then part of me is wondering if I really want to drive all that way by myself with a five month old for a book talk/signing. I’m a huge fan of hers….I’m just trying to decide if it is worth the effort, you know? Right now I’m leaning towards not going. but who knows, maybe I’ll feel adventurous!

This is only a half finished post…that’s what kind of week it’s been, but I figured I’d post it now so you all know I haven’t fallen off the planet. More soon (I hope!)



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