One down…..

Toes down:
This one’s a little big. I made the mistake of measuring a month after Knittybaby was born when I still had my chubby post-pregnancy legs. Says hubby: “Looks like they’ll fall down to me.” But he says that for every sock. This time, he may be right. So now do I:

a. frog it? (yeah, right, this took me three months)
b. make the same size and give it away? (I’m too selfish. I like this sock.)
c. make the same size and just be a wee bit baggy?
d. make another smaller one and just have one bee a wee bit baggy?

Toes up:

I need a good bind of for this one. Suggestions? (Ugh, look at my scratched up floor!)

Problems? Look at my toes. Not smooth. I usually do a good kitchener stitch, but I used reinforcing thread the first time and that made it a challenge. I should have cut it off before the kitchener. I don’t know what’s up with the bump on the toe up toe.



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12 responses to “One down…..

  1. Kate

    Not baggy. I like it. It’s very cool. I don’t knit socks so I am not a good person to comment on a bind off, but picot is always good. Don’t worry about the floor until Knittybaby is off to college. And you don’t have pets. And the whole family stops wearing shoes. It’s distressed. Very in. Character in wood is good!

  2. Sheepish Annie

    I’m so fascinated with the whole sock process and the fact that it looks like a sock when it’s done that I can generally live with some of the little imperfections. After all, it’s inside my shoe. Hmm…I might be something of an enabler! šŸ™‚

  3. - LisaD.

    Slouch socks! They were a hit in the 80’s. Revive ’em.

  4. Alison

    I might redo it, but I’m a perfectionist:) (My DH can’t understand why those tendencies don’t carry over to housework:) It is pretty. Another idea though is to sew a little elastic around the cuff. That would probably keep it up fairly well, then make the other sock a wee bit smaller.

  5. Chris

    Do a sewn bind off. It mimics the knit stitch, so it’s got more give.

  6. Colleen

    Eh, make another one the same size. It was once the fashion to wear your socks bunched up around your ankles at one time, anyway.

    As for the bind-off? I had great results with the sewn bind-off on my toe up socks. Link is somewhere … here it is. This is a list I found of stretchy bind-offs:

  7. Deb

    Fold the sock over like a little “cuff sock”. As for the bind off, you could do this: use a needle one or two sizes bigger and knit two togeter,return the completed stitch to the left needle, then knit two together (including the returned stitch), return to the left needle….etc.

  8. irishmama

    I made a pair in the same color too, mine are baggy as well. I wear them in work with my clogs and they are really comfy.

  9. Guinifer

    Wow, who would have guessed there’d be so many solutions to slouchy socks and binding off. I like the clog solution myself.

  10. Jeanne

    I’d leave the sock…the 80s are coming back. I saw skinny jeans with tight ankles at the mall the other day. Can slouch socks be far behind?

  11. Chris

    Simplest bind off – on the 2nd to the last round, knit onto a needle 2 sizes up from what you knit the sock in. (I knit my socks on 0s, so I knit onto a 2.) Then on the next round, bind off in pattern. Simple and works.

    Which toe-up cast on did you use? There’s one in my sidebar (near the top) that is SUPER easy.

    I suppose the baggy sock was top down? Hmm. I would cut off a bit before the ribbing, do a few decreases, and knit the ribbing again on fewer stitches. Then do the other sock with fewer stitches in the ribbing but with the leg in the same number of stitches…

  12. The_Add_Knitter

    Leave it the way it is, it looks great. Also, try the Russian bind-off for fun!

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