Finally, my SP8 photos:
Isn’t the Handmaiden lovely? The sheen to the blues is so nice, I wish I could have taken better pictures. I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to get Knitybaby in his socks! Notice the chocolate is missing. Goodies like that don’t last long around me!

Here’s a close-up of the buttons:
I love these, and they will be perfect for the sweater I want to make for Little Man this fall. He loves airplanes, so he’s pretty psyched about them.

I forgot to mention in my last post about the Washington County Fair we stumbled onto last weekend. We took the boys around to see the animals and met a woman who’s llama had a lot more personality than she did. Little Man kept asking her questions and she totally blew him off. I get so angry when that happens. He was being very polite and sweet (he wanted to know if llamas like ice cream) and she acted like she couldn’t wait for us to leave. Luckily I think my feelings were more hurt about it than his, but really, is it that much work to be nice to a little kid?

We came across the knitting entries and these were my favorites:

I wish I had a better shot of the sweater but I couldn’t avoid the glare. The hat is handspun, very nice colors.

As for knitting, I may be nuts, but I signed up for Knittin’ Mom’s Sock-a-Month KAL. I doubt I’ll finish a pair a month, but it’s still a good incentive! I’m also on the homestretch for the heirloom baby shawl, which needs to be done by Knittybaby’s baptism in 6 weeks. I’ve also got his heart blanket design close to being worked up.



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6 responses to “Pictures!

  1. Sheepish Annie

    I love those buttons!!! They remind me of a pair of earrings I used to wear way back in my punky days circa 1989. Nowadays, I’m a bit more conservative, but I’d still pop some of those on a sweater and wear ’em with pride. Lucky little guy you have there!

  2. Guinifer

    I love the ribbon winners from the fair!

    That blue yarn is beautiful. Good luck on the KAL. I could never keep up.

  3. irishmama

    The blue yarn is gorgeous, love the buttons.

  4. Chris

    That Handmaiden is stunning! And very cute buttons. Bummer about the crabby llama lady, though… Sounds like you’ll be done with the shawl in plenty of time.

  5. Kate

    Curses crabby llama lady, how can you not be nice to a little kid? You may indeed be nuts. A pair of socks a month? Yikes.

  6. Alison

    That blue handmaiden is lovely. The buttons are adorable.

    Too bad about the lady.

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