And you thought the baby would model…

Why, when we have such a willing hound here?

“I know I look so pretty.”

“I’ll do anything for food.”

“See how this bib keeps my lovely fur so clean while I eat?”

I think Chaos could learn a thing or two from me!”



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14 responses to “And you thought the baby would model…

  1. Brandie

    ROFL! Love it 😉 That bib just really brings out the color of his eyes =)

  2. Jess

    What a sweet pup! I think I’m starting to fall in love with greyhounds – all of the ones I’ve met have been very friendly and sweet. He looks like a good one, too. Did you have him before kids?

  3. Sheepish Annie

    What a gorgeous greyhound!! And he knows how to “work it” during a photo shoot. Cats will not model. If you attempt it or try to force it there is always retribution.

  4. Kate

    He’s adorable! The BHFH would never do this. I think I just bought the exact same colorway of this yarn.

  5. SP8

    You can see the eagerness in his eyes for the treat…

  6. Deb

    Dogs are such suckers for food!

  7. irishmama

    He really knows how to work the camera, bib looks great.

  8. jennifer

    too funny! oping the doggie wasn’t too much of a diva!

  9. trek

    Chaos, look out!

  10. Chris

    Hee hee – Chaos might appreciate bibs more if he had white fur, instead of black (hides spills)!

  11. Guinifer

    America’s Next Top Model watch out…

  12. Diane

    What a wonderful model ….. makes you wonder why they put everyone on people in those pattern magazines.

  13. Carrie K

    Oh, I think Chaos could learn a thing or two! Even did the Tongue! So. Cute!

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