I have the best SP8 ever!!!!

I know, you all think your is the best ever, but really, I am a lucky girl because you know what I got in the mail today? Seasilk!!! I have been dying to try this yarn out! It is the most beautiful shade of blue and so, so soft. Just lovely, thank you SP8!!! I was also gifted with some more adorable socks for Knittybaby (I’m loving these litte socks), some very cute wooden airplane buttons, and dark chocolate with toffee (one of the finest combinations I say). Thank you so very much!!!

I’d post pictures but I’m having more computer issues and working right now on my vintage iMac. Not cool, plus Knittybaby is ready for bed. More later!



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4 responses to “I have the best SP8 ever!!!!

  1. Guinifer

    Can’t wait to see that seasilk (oh, say that a few times fast!)

  2. Kate

    I’m so glad we took the chance and tried this secret pal thing! I’ve had so much fun buying things for my pals and I’ve gotten some great gifts.

  3. Chris

    Oh, it sounds wonderful! Hope the computer woes are straightened out soon…

  4. irishmama

    Sounds like a great package, can’t wait to see the pictures.

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