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All I can say is thank goodness, although 2008 did give our family a lot of happiness, including our newest little guy. Lots of love in 2008, that’s for certain and I expect even more in 2009!

Knittykid's felt ball

The felt ball?? Well, I’ve yet to take finished pictures of the Skeptic’s Christmas socks, or the new soaker I’ve cast on for (man, this baby is growing!), or the mittens I’ve finished up for Little Man. But I do have this picture of the felt ball Knittykid helped to make, and he was very insistent I take a picture, so there you go! (This would be a great pic if it weren’t for the potholders on the floor.)

Now I’m not a big resolution person. But I do like to take some quiet time in the new new just to think a bit, about what I’m happy about and what I might like to be more mindful about. And I do like to set some fun goals, especially for something I’d like to learn or get done.

Let’s look at 2008:

1. Try to get back to my one night a week spinning idea. I sew enough now that I don’t think I need to stick with a specific night for that. Did pretty good on the spinning.

2. Speaking of sewing, I’ve got 13 (13!!) windows that need new curtains. Think I’d better get to it. I sewed 8 curtains for the sunroom, gave up and bought the rest for the bedroom when I realized I was 2 yards short and had a baby due in two weeks.

3. Knitting? I’m got plans for the first few months:

January: the month of small things. Kind of. I did get a few small projects done, not as many as I thought.

February: Sweater for me and one boy. Not even close

March: Sweater for another boy and the Skeptic. Ha! Definitely not even close. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t even stay awake. I my defense, I didn’t know I was pregnant yet when I wrote these!

April: Finish up the Skeptic and hit the lace Nope!

I also want to keep plowing through my sock yarn stash. Barely. I was distracted by soakers!

Let’s just say I was a bit overly optimistic. I do spin quite a bit  more than before, so let’s just say I did reach that goal. And I DID have a baby! 🙂

Okay, so here goes for 2009. Honestly, tell me the truth if my head is not on quite right with these….

1. Expand my spinning techniques. I’d like to expand beyond my typical bulky/worsted weight and try cabled, three ply and sock yarn. Maybe a couple more…beaded??

2. Dye some yarn. Even if it’s just one skein.

3. Mindful stashing. (Thank you Clara!) I like this idea, and I’ve already dug through the closet and listed around 40 balls of yarn that I like but don’t LOVE. I  just don’t see myself getting use out of them anytime soon. I’ve put them up on my local swap group and I’ll be listing the stuff that doesn’t sell on Ravelry as a sell or trade item in my stash.

4. Sweaters. I really, really want to knit sweaters. I’ve spent a lot of time knitting socks, soakers, hats, mittens. I want a sweater. I want my boys to have sweaters. The Skeptic says “just knit me socks.” So I don’t have to worry about him yet. But sweaters, yeah, sweaters….

5. Sew pants and shorts for my boys.

Realistic??? I look forward to reading what you hope to accomplish in the new year!!!


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A Story and a Soaker

So ages ago I repaired some gorgeous fair-isle mittens for a friend. I was completely in love with them, and even more so when I found out who made them.
fair isle antiques
See this loveliness? Her great-grandpa knit these for her grandmother (born 1916) when she was a young woman. Her name is even knit into these.
fair isle

I guess the story goes that he injured himself in an electrocution accident while at work. His doctor prescribed knitting as a way to get the agility back in his hands. Obviously he took to it because these are absolutely beautiful!!

Now this same friend has a son a few months older than Spinner. Continuing on with my soakermania I just finished a pair of Picky Pants for him. Now when he and Spinner are hanging out they can both be super cute together in all their wooly goodness.

He’s obviously pleased with them and knows he looks quite smart. The yarn is more Blackberry Ridge Kaleidoscope. Love that stuff, it hardly pills at all.

And now to sum it all up, despite a horrific experience with dishcloth cotton a couple of years ago, this friend has succumbed to the wool. Not only is she now knitting, but she is the proud owner of a skein of Koigu, a skein of Malabrigo, and she got her Ravelry invite this morning. There’s no going back for her now!


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No motivation

Just a quick pop in to say I’m still around. Thanks for all the words of support about my crazy week. The Skeptic is back and thankfully taking no more road trips for work. We are back to normal every day craziness now, thankfully!

However,  my blogging motivation has been stripped down to zero this past week or so. I’ve got a ton of soakers knit, but no photos to show. Maybe later in the week I’ll get the energy up to take a few pictures and get some knitting on this blog. In the meantime I’m stressing about getting curtains made, but humidity and I don’t mix well, especially while I’m pregnant, so we’ll see what comes of it.


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Friday night to-do list

1. Seam up BSJ

2. Block the bonnet

3. Add elastic to soaker #1

4. Finish up soaker #2

5. Spin a bit of Spinner’s Web

6. Go to bed by midnight.

It’s 8:43. I made these plans an hour ago but go distracted by catching up on blogs. I don’t think this is all going to happen….


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  • Thanks for all the kind words about the baby! We are pretty thrilled around here, and it’s fun to finally get to share the news with all of you. Baby knits update to start soon. Anyone got a favorite?
  • Knittybaby is hereby promoted to Knittykid. You all had such great suggestions; I really loved them all. I was tempted a lot by Knittytot, but I figured Knittykid would last longer. And who knows what other version may reappear with our little Three?
  • I hosted my first ever kid birthday party today for Little Man. (His real birthday is not for a few more days). I kept it seriously low key, a few friends, a few games, cake and just hanging out. All in all it was a fun morning and it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be. A few moments: “No, this is a party…you can’t kick most of your friends out of the room. I think you can all build legos together…”But otherwise it was all good. And this cake? Seriously, wow, wow, wow….
  • My Qiviuk Webs Tam (not made in qiviuk) made the pattern page on Ravelry (third one down). I feel like such a knitter.
  • I’m obsessing over all the blankets at January One. Specifically how on earth anyone can afford to make that many blankets in STR. I looked up how much it would cost me and decided I should probably plan on sending my kids to college instead. At least the first semester, since that’s what one blanket would cost me. (Yeah, I know, I’m delusional about tuition).
  • This sweater looks innocent enough:

random 019
It’s not:
random 024

Great contest entries so far, keep ’em coming! Remember, you get to pick the fabric, and I’ve got a lot to choose from! Link is on the sidebar…


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So lately I’ve been enjoying Dottycookie, a fun blog of all sorts of crafty goodness over in the UK. She was sweet enough to nominate me for an award, or actually my choice of three of them. I received the Rockin’ Girl Blogger from my SP10 pal Marsha, so I’ll pass on the other two  awards to some of my other favorite people of there.

The first one is the Nice Matters award; this was started by Bella Enchanted who says:

“This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world! ”


Next up is The Power of Schmooze. This one is “to reward bloggers who not only blog but also participate in a conversation with other bloggers, creating new communities.”


I’m so pleased that Val thought of me for these! One thing I love about blogging is the friendship and community that comes along with it. It try hard to leave comments on the blogs I read and respond to those who comment on my blog as much as I possibly can.

So now I get to pass them on to seven other people who do the same thing. So many of you are generous in your comments, your responses and your time that I could make a huge list.  But then I’d be here all night and I do want to go and knit. So, here are seven lovely bloggers who always seem to take the time:

Renee at A Good Yarn

Jess at Mikknit 

Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos

Marsha at First Things First

Jennifer at Craftlilly

Alisha at Tales from a Self Taught Knitter

Harriet at Limedragon

Heide at Serendipitous Opportuknitty

Okay gals, go and share the love!!!

Next post : Flood fundraising contest coming up. I just need to take pictures of the prize yarn!


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WIP Update

No pictures, as nothing is that exciting to look at quite yet but….

-the silk lace scarf just needs fringe and blocking, can’t wait to show it off!!

-the boring but practical anklets are only needing one more toe.

-the Embossed Leaves socks are up to the first heel. This is my second attempt at a short row heel. The first pair I made using this technique was a bit holey, wish me luck!

I’m determined to master that heel while watching Miss Marple tonight. I’ve told the Skeptic he’s got bedtime with Knittybaby and I’ve informed Little Man I’m off duty at 8pm and he needs to stay in bed. Think it will work?

Thanks for all your well-wishes, prayers and thoughts sent here to Minneapolis. It’s nice to know that despite this tragedy there is so much positive energy being sent our way. We all really appreciate it.

Have a lovely, safe and peaceful weekend everyone.


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