Friday night to-do list

1. Seam up BSJ

2. Block the bonnet

3. Add elastic to soaker #1

4. Finish up soaker #2

5. Spin a bit of Spinner’s Web

6. Go to bed by midnight.

It’s 8:43. I made these plans an hour ago but go distracted by catching up on blogs. I don’t think this is all going to happen….



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6 responses to “Friday night to-do list

  1. Yeah, you might have to cross number 6 off that list…

  2. I think Paige had it right!

  3. Too many baby items – you need to add some mama items in there!

  4. missscarlett

    Especially the bed before midnight!

    I know if that is my goal I have to avoid the computer like the stinkin’ plague. Knit blogs, Ravelry, Facebook…next thing I know it’s 1 Am.
    Why am I cranky at work?

  5. Blog time is twice as fast as real time. You could swear you were only on an hour but two have whizzed by.

  6. So how are you doing on the list?

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