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Coming Soon…..

Thanks to a nice weekend back at my parents, the raglan is done and I’m happy to say it is awesome!!! But, it’s still damp so no pictures yet. I should be able to get some tomorrow and then I can show it off.

Glad everyone liked my collection of stuff in the last post. The needle roll? Let’s just say there will be more to come with a certain new blog unveiling next week, as soon as I get my act together. I’m stressing a bit, because our little household will be celebrating all four birthdays in the next month. I want to open up the new blog and have a little celebration and we start with Knittybaby’s birthday next week. “What??” you’re all saying….Yes, he’s going to be one. I’m totally shocked about this. Then it’s my birthday. Then Little Man turns four (crazy!!). Then the Skeptic has his. That’s a lot of cake in one month.

So anyway, next week keep your eyes out for the move, and the needle rolls. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated over here until I’m all set to go.

Keep your fingers crossed I get that amigurumi done. He still has no head.

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So two weeks ago I came down with a little cold, which has since turned into some sort of ranging sinus infection. It kept teasing me. I’d feel better one day then worse the next. I finally decided this morning that work was just not going to happen and I needed to go to the doctor today. This stinks, as now I’ve missed my Monday music students two weeks in a row. Not cool when I only see them once a week. But, I reminded myself that this will not cause the world to end and I need to take care of my health. So off to the doctor I will go today.

I actually had a productive weekend craftwise. Being sick means I avoid all real housework and take it easy, either in front of sewing machine, wheel or needles. I sewed a new needle roll and pin cushion on Saturday (when my body tricked me into feeling a bit better) and spun a bobbin on Sunday (as I progressively got worse again). By the afternoon I just plopped myself in front on the needles and attacked my raglan sweater with a vengence. What raglan you say? The Ann Budd raglan hiding in my closet. I’m officially on the yoke. I have no pictures to show as I feel too crummy to find my camera.


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So it’s a little late, this snowstorm, as I was already starting to look forward to my tulips. But I’ll still gladly take a good snowstorm, even in March.

On Thursday, Little Man decided that he and Knittybaby needed to sit back and watch the storm start up.

After two days of snow, this is what we awoke to this morning:

My ever faithful mailman showed up Thursday night around seven (he’s usually here by three, poor guy) with this lovely prize from Javajem. I won her contest!!!

I can’t say enough how thrilled I am with this package. Beautiful yarn, hand dyed by Jody herself. I love the colors! And inside that adorable little bag (oh how I love little bags!)…

Her own hand made stitch markers and earings, and two cute little sheepy erasers. I love these so much! I’ve been wanting set of beaded markers, and this little kitty ones are so cute. I’ve been needing new earings and these are so lovely. Thank you so much Jody!!!


Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Sport
Color: Vera
Needles: size 3
Pattern: Nothing fancy. Cast on 56, garter stitch rib cuff. Heel flap.
Verdict: soft and warm!


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Am I the only knitter in the Twin Cities not here …

Am I the only knitter in the Twin Cities not here this weekend?

I prefer to avoid the Wasteland, I mean the Mall of America, at all costs. The Skeptic will only go if he’s been tricked by well meaning relatives who think “you can’t come to the Twin Cities and not go!” (Yes you can. It’s a mall. It’s big. It’s loud. It has a roller coaster in the middle. That’s it.) I will only go when I need a specific item and absolutely cannot find it anyplace else closer, and I definitely will not go there with both boys by myself. I did that once for Little Man’s Crocs and it took me 24 hours to recouperate. I know I sound crabby about it and some people love it, but well, the place makes me crabby. ‘Nuf said.

So while it would be fun to be completely surrounded by knitters and all things knitting, and I’m a little bummed I’m missing some of the events, it’s just not worth the trouble today. So instead, I’m home, winding yarn and getting excited for what will truly be the biggest knitting event here ever. Now that will be a gathering not to be missed!


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