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All OK

Just a quick pop in to say that we are all okay here after the terrible I35W bridge collapse. I had a brief moment of panic when I heard the news, as the Skeptic was still wrapping up his work day and that was the bridge he uses to return trucks for work. Luckily he was still at work and just fine, although it was a close call for a coworker who was on the bridge just 20 minutes before it happened.  Scary, scary stuff. I’m off to enjoy a quiet evening with my family and count my blessings.


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Contests and a Meme

Contest Number One:

Ali has a fun contest: Name your summer knitting goals:

I’m going to try to keep mine simple.

1.  “Cannes” in cotton braid from Rowan Beach Cool.

2. Nothing but a T-Shirt 

3. Swallowtail shawl

4. Six pairs of socks

5. Fall sweaters for the boys.

Think I can handle all that?

Contest Number Two:

For the Summer Dishcloth Swap:

What gives me hope? Watching my boys play. No matter what else is going on in the world, all I have to do is watch them and it’s all okay.

My summer adventure? Our first real family vacation, all on our own, to Colarado!!

And a meme from Shelly:


1. Each player starts with 8 random facts about themselves.

2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their 8 random things and post the rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and post their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
1. We have pizza every Friday night. I used to make homeade but I’ve been slacking since Knittybaby was born and we’ve been ordering out.

2. My last big vacation was to Cape Cod. We took the train because we thought it would be romantic. Unfortunately, our train was stinky and we couldn’t get any food. But Cape Cod was awesome.

3. My mom’s half of the family is from New Jersey. I love the east coast and wish we could visit more often.

4. I am in love with living in the city. I also am in love with the idea of having a farm with fiber animals. Can’t have both, and I’m not sure if I’d really like having a hobby farm of if I just like the idea of it.

5.  The Skeptic and I fell head over heels when we were only nineteen. I met him because a fellow bassoonist had a huge crush on him. They dated, it didn’t work out. Lucky for me:-)

6. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 16.

7. I’ve finally decided to get my butt to IKEA, buy a bunch of shelving and cabinetry, and get all my yarn, fleece and fabric organized.

8. I’m a BBC junkie. I would move to the UK just to have full access. Instead I’m stuck watching five year old episodes of Eastenders.

Okay, I tag:  Mama Grouch, Purple Purl Girl, Jess, Craftlilly, Christy, Sassy PriscillaKittymommy, and Guinifer. Have fun!!!


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I Dig Toronto

What can I say? Toronto is, of course, great. The past two nights after I was done with my conference sessions, I just walked, and walked and walked. One of the things I love about living in Minneapolis is how you can just walk for miles and never run out of things to see and do, but I never really do that anymore since I always have the boys with me. While we walk back home, it’s never the “wandering, stop in wherever you want” kind.


So that’s what I’ve been doing. Meandering, stopping, browsing, all over the city. Heck, I even shopped. I found Lush, which I’ve been eyeing online but never ordered and got some nice treats there. I’ve mostly been wandering through the Fashion District, I think it’s called. Interesting people and places. Tons of crazy fabric shops, independent clothing designers, and unique people and places to eat. A posh shop with $200 dresses right next to a run down used book store with dusty old knicknacks in the window. All the things I love about a city, and I actually have some time to enjoy it.

I even bought clothes for myself. I found a lovely boutique called The Fresh Collective which is full of hand made clothing that is so incredibly cute, stuff I hope to learn to make myself someday. I bought a silkscreened hoodie from Cathy Peng and a lovely jacket from The Candi Factory. I even bought myself a newsboy hat since I forgot my hat and it’s chilly here. I can’t decide if I look really cute in it or really goofy, but at least it’s warm. Sorry, no picture of me in the hat!

Of course, there is yarn. I made it to Romni Wools today.


The place is flippin’ huge, that’s all I can say. Just about every yarn in existence is here, in a billion stacked up bins all over the place, in every nook and cranny. I stuck to my “only buy yarn I can’t get at home rule and bought some Fleece Artist, laceweight and a silk/wool blend. Pics later as my batteries are dead.

Tomorrow I will head over to Lettuce Knit and wander some more around Kensington and Chinatown. Tonight, I have a date with the Swallowtail shawl.

Finally, a picture for Little Man and Knittybaby, who as of last night’s phone call were enjoying pizza and staying up late with the Skeptic, Grandma and Grandpa. I miss them terribly but as I figured, they’re all just fine without Mommy for a few days.


Cows and a piano stuck to a building:-) I need to get a better, non blurry one tomorrow.


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The Harlot in the Cities

The Harlot finally had the chance to get some knitterly love in the Twin Cities on Wednesday night, and I got to have a fun night out.

The event was over in St. Paul and was hosted by The Yarnery, who did an excellent job. There were well over 400 knitters there.

Harlot speaking

I went with Mama Grouch, Catherine, and Gwenyth and also ran into April, who I hadn’t seen since a spinning class a couple of years ago. We all sat down in a sea of knitters and then proceeded to laugh ourselves crazy for the next hour. She spoke a lot about the stereotypes of knitting and said one thing that really spoke to me, about how in the last hundred years our society has changed how we value our time and handmade goods. To paraphrase, she said that a hundred years ago(and through most of human existance) it was considered a waste of time and money to buy something you could make. Now, thanks to our overly commercial society, it’s considered a waste of time to make something you can buy. I wish I had more time to write about this…maybe another day when I’m not trying to squeeze in a blog posting.

Afterwards we stood in line and had to chance to chat with Chris and Christy and I got a cute shot of them both:Bloggers!
I also had the chance to meet Renee and got to chat with Shelly as well. All in all it was a very festive line! I waved at Jess but missed the chance to chat with her, bummer!

While standing in line April and I realized we had both brought our soakers, an “endangered species of knitting” as Stephanie calls them in her book. Stephanie was excited to see them, and we both got a great picture with her, her sock, and our soakers:

Yup, that’s my completed raglan and Knittybaby’s completed soaker. More on those another day, I swear! Little Man just said, “Hey mom, there’s the Yarn Harlot! Make her bigger!”)

After that five of us headed over to the Bonfire Grill. We were dissapointed that there weren’t more knitters there, but apparently they were having communication problems and told other knitters there wasn’t anyone there, or something weird like that. Anyway, we had an awesome time:dsc02766.jpg

See that giant beer? Apparently I don’t know my ounces very well. I wanted a pint.

Beer with sock for proportion.

I’m guessing it was a pint and a half, which is a lot for me nowdays. But I said what the heck and enjoyed almost the whole thing. Which might be the reason I was talking a mile a minute to Chris and Christy when I ran into them again while getting ready to leave. I promise I don’t usually yammer quite that much, although we did have a great chat about getting the local bloggers together sometime soon.

Little Man is requesting my presence, gotta run. Have a great weekend!


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I turned 33 yesterday.

This in itself is a good thing, as so far my thirties have turned out to be my best years ever. But the week itself has been lacking, and while there have been lovely moments, to say I’m feeling frazzled would be a bit of an understatement.

The Skeptic has had to work so much that he’s pretty much been MIA since last Friday. Both boys have seemed to hit major developmental milestones that has made this week one of my “top ten toughest weeks ever” in raising children.

Little Man just seems to be in some sort of crazy “I’m turning four” thing which has resulted in one disaster after another, usualy prefaced with “Wanna see what I did?” I won’t get into details, but one of the worst ones involved two cans of cocoa and my couch.

Knittybaby has hit that ever so tough stage where he has realized that he wants to do things, like climb the stairs or get a bag of tortilla chips off the counter, but he can’t. This happens about every ten minutes, and he expresses his angst in the only way he can: high pitched screaming while hanging onto my leg.
You can’t blame either kid. Growing up is tough, and luckily I’ve had enough pleasant moments to get me through the week: a swell SP10 package, a lovely birthday gift from The Skeptic and the boys, a night out with my friends, playgroup. It’s probably the only reason I’m not hiding in the closet right now. So I know you’ll all forgive me when I don’t have pictures or a full report yet. My pizza’s just about done and then I’m going upstairs for movie night and maybe a little knitting if I can hack it. The Skeptic has the weekend off, and I’ll be back with lots of goodies for you all to see!

Oh, and I’m thrilled with all the contest entries so far! I’m trying to get back to everyone and visit the blogs that are new to me. Thanks to everyone who has already entered. If you haven’t, you’ve got until the 15th!


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Glad you made it!

Things are still a wee bit sloppy over here. I’ve a few more things to add to the sidebar but for the most part this new site is ready to go. I’d love to hear what you think, and of course any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

I was hoping to have everything perfect, but I’m realizing that just like maintaining a home, a blog always needs a little clean up as well. I wanted my blog-opening to coincide with our month of birthdays, so ready or not, I’m making the switch tonight. There will be a month of celebrating as well as a month long contest with many prizes to give away. I hope you all join in with me for the fun!

I’ll announce the contest tomorrow night, one night before Knittybaby’s birthday. It will stay open until the Skeptic’s birthday in April.

In the meantime, don’t forget to switch to the new RSS feed so you don’t miss the party. When I first started blogging I thought, “it’ll just be a little something to keep track of my knitting…” Little did I know how important all of you would become to me! I love this little community here. Thanks for joining me on this next step!


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Coming Soon…..

Thanks to a nice weekend back at my parents, the raglan is done and I’m happy to say it is awesome!!! But, it’s still damp so no pictures yet. I should be able to get some tomorrow and then I can show it off.

Glad everyone liked my collection of stuff in the last post. The needle roll? Let’s just say there will be more to come with a certain new blog unveiling next week, as soon as I get my act together. I’m stressing a bit, because our little household will be celebrating all four birthdays in the next month. I want to open up the new blog and have a little celebration and we start with Knittybaby’s birthday next week. “What??” you’re all saying….Yes, he’s going to be one. I’m totally shocked about this. Then it’s my birthday. Then Little Man turns four (crazy!!). Then the Skeptic has his. That’s a lot of cake in one month.

So anyway, next week keep your eyes out for the move, and the needle rolls. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated over here until I’m all set to go.

Keep your fingers crossed I get that amigurumi done. He still has no head.

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