The Harlot in the Cities

The Harlot finally had the chance to get some knitterly love in the Twin Cities on Wednesday night, and I got to have a fun night out.

The event was over in St. Paul and was hosted by The Yarnery, who did an excellent job. There were well over 400 knitters there.

Harlot speaking

I went with Mama Grouch, Catherine, and Gwenyth and also ran into April, who I hadn’t seen since a spinning class a couple of years ago. We all sat down in a sea of knitters and then proceeded to laugh ourselves crazy for the next hour. She spoke a lot about the stereotypes of knitting and said one thing that really spoke to me, about how in the last hundred years our society has changed how we value our time and handmade goods. To paraphrase, she said that a hundred years ago(and through most of human existance) it was considered a waste of time and money to buy something you could make. Now, thanks to our overly commercial society, it’s considered a waste of time to make something you can buy. I wish I had more time to write about this…maybe another day when I’m not trying to squeeze in a blog posting.

Afterwards we stood in line and had to chance to chat with Chris and Christy and I got a cute shot of them both:Bloggers!
I also had the chance to meet Renee and got to chat with Shelly as well. All in all it was a very festive line! I waved at Jess but missed the chance to chat with her, bummer!

While standing in line April and I realized we had both brought our soakers, an “endangered species of knitting” as Stephanie calls them in her book. Stephanie was excited to see them, and we both got a great picture with her, her sock, and our soakers:

Yup, that’s my completed raglan and Knittybaby’s completed soaker. More on those another day, I swear! Little Man just said, “Hey mom, there’s the Yarn Harlot! Make her bigger!”)

After that five of us headed over to the Bonfire Grill. We were dissapointed that there weren’t more knitters there, but apparently they were having communication problems and told other knitters there wasn’t anyone there, or something weird like that. Anyway, we had an awesome time:dsc02766.jpg

See that giant beer? Apparently I don’t know my ounces very well. I wanted a pint.

Beer with sock for proportion.

I’m guessing it was a pint and a half, which is a lot for me nowdays. But I said what the heck and enjoyed almost the whole thing. Which might be the reason I was talking a mile a minute to Chris and Christy when I ran into them again while getting ready to leave. I promise I don’t usually yammer quite that much, although we did have a great chat about getting the local bloggers together sometime soon.

Little Man is requesting my presence, gotta run. Have a great weekend!



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18 responses to “The Harlot in the Cities

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  3. Aw, how cool is it that Little Man recognizes the Yarn Harlot?! And yay – you got a decent picture of me!!!! 😀 It was great to see you!

  4. Looks like you had a great time, I’m jealous.

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! I wish she would come to Baltimore one of these days!! So jealous!

  6. So, I guess I’m jealous now.

    I love the colors of the yarn in that sock – what is it?

  7. I hope you don’t mind, I saved the picture of us with Stephanie. I have a strange look on my face in the one on my camera. I had a great time with you and your friends. Thanks for inviting me to join you.

  8. I was keeping an eye open for you, but didn’t spot you. Next time…

  9. Wahoo! What a fun time that was. Love the raglan but I think I loved your big beer more. See photo of you on my blog too…you look too, too happy to be out with knitting and beer without children. 🙂

  10. myhobbyisyarn

    Wasn’t it so much fun? I wish I knew what you looked like, I would have tried to find you to say hi. I was the one with the crying baby! Your sweater and soaker look great. How do you like that soaker pattern?

  11. Liz

    The Harlot’s words that you write about at the beginning of your post spoke to me as well. This is the second appearance that I have been to and always enjoy it. I think you had a better spot in the front.

  12. Whoops…forgot to update my bloglines thingie and I lost you for a bit there. Love the pix from your Harlot outing and am horribly jealous. Someday I’ll see her! I’m really glad you had a nice time.

  13. I’m sorry I didn’t get to chat with you at all! Sometime soon…

    What a fun night it was, though!

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful night and how cool the Harlot was so interested in your soakers!

  15. missscarlett

    What a great time! And I am so impressed that your Little Man recognizes the YH!

    I get to see her when she is in Victoria and all these blog posts are really helping build the anticipation.

    I love soakers btw – I just don’t know anyone using cloth or I would be making some up. I think they are adorable and so useful.

  16. SP10

    It looks like you had a wonderful time! The raglan and the soaker both look fantastic!

  17. Wow that looks like such a good time, I wish I wasn’t so swamped with homework.

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