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I will open up Knitters’ Coffee Swap Three at 12:01am Central Time.

I’ll also announce our three Sow the Seeds winners tomorrow night! Thanks again for all the donations! You guys really do rock…

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Two Days Left!!!!

Wow, we’re getting there!! You have a mere two days left to get your contest entry in and have the chance to win some beautiful handspun from Jess, some Cherry Tree Hill, Spunky Eclectic or Fleece artist. Now, I know you don’t want to pass that up, right? $5, $10, $20, $50….whatever you can give, every dollar is helpful to those wonderful farmers. Help keep a small farmer in business and win some yarn. See sidebar for details. You’ve got until midnight Saturday (central time) to get in on the goods. Now go and sow those seeds!!

I should get a job for public radio.

Knitting, you’re here for knitting, right?? Okay, I’ve got knitting.

I present the Embossed Leaves Socks:

Embossed Leaves

You may all collectively “oooohhhh” at them right now.

Embossed Leaves

Yeah, I know. I didn’t block them yet.

The stitch pattern is a bit lost in the yarn, but I still love them. They are the most comfortable and best fitting socks I’ve knit. The toe is incredible and I might knit them like this always: circular decreases, no kitchener stitch, lots more room for my toes to wiggle around in. But I forgot to take a close up. Bummer.

Embossed Leaves

I dig the garter stitch edging on the heel. I did use reinforcement thread to protect this precious yarn.

The details:
Yarn: Louts Toes in the Chocolat Cheries colorway, by Zen String. I notice she has a sale right now…..

Needles: size two, Clover double points

Pattern: Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks.

Comments: Easy lace pattern. I highly recommend this one!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Remember, the coffeeswap opens up Monday. I’ll post a link to the new blog on Sunday.


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The Final Stretch

So this is the final week for the Sow the Seeds fundraising contest, and have I got a treat for you!!

Jess has very generously offered up a couple of more prizes to the choices. Look what we have here!!!

The first is a skein of her very own handspun, the second is Cherry Tree Hill. Add that to the choice of either Spunky Eclectic or Fleece Artist that I originally offered and now we’ll have three winners!!!

Remember, all the contest info is over on the sidebar. I’m hoping we can get to at least $300 to help out our farmers. The final day to donate and enter is September 29th. Every dollar makes a difference and gets you an entry for some lovely yarn. And don’t forget to spread the word!

In other news, Knitters’ Coffeeswap Three will be opening up on October first. I’m off to set up the new blog after this post, so I’ll put up the link once it’s ready. I’ve decided to have some hostess help this time. The last swap was just too overwhelming and a lot of work, but I know how much people have enjoyed it so I’d like to keep it going. Keep your eyes open and be ready to sign up. I expect that between the five of us we’ll take about 120 swap members, and those spots will go fast!

I’m so bummed, I had a great sock/hat photoshoot this weekend with Knittybaby and my camera connector is nowhere to be seen, so until I figure out which certain small person has taken it I can’t show you my now completed Embossed Leaves socks.

Did I mention that I picked up this book? Wrap Style and Lace Style didn’t jump out at me as much as Folk Style has. I think it’s the colors; they are just amazing and so beautifully put together. There is also a lot of interesting colorwork, embroidery and embellishments.

As for the patterns, I love the Urban Hand Warmers and the Grand Tour Waistcoat. There are some great kids knits: some very cute mukluks and a couple of nice sweaters, and are you ready for this? A baby sling!

I’m smitten with the idea of a knit baby sling, although I’m not sure how practical it is. If you were going to knit a baby carrier, I think a pouch would be much more practical than a sling. In order for a sling to work smoothly you need the fabric to slip easily through the rings so you can tighten and loosen it up. Plus, they should have used a model that actually knows how to carry a baby in a sling. She’s just sort of holding the baby in the sling rather than letting the sling do the work, so you can’t tell how well it holds. I don’t know…anyone ever knit a baby carrier?


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Mini Posts

I have too much too say and little time to say it, so here, in no special order are all the things I’d like to have the time to write a nice long post for but instead will give the abbreviated version:

1. Creativity and Four Year Olds.


(Photo taken by Little Man himself)

As Little Man is staring hard at another Lego creation:

Me: How do you know when it’s done?

Little Man: When it’s cool. It isn’t done yet because it’s still not cool.

So there you have it. How do you know when that special project is really done? When it’s cool.

2. A Problem
I really want to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket, toddler size.  I have no idea how to size it up; I’ve never knit one before and I can’t figure out how to make it bigger when I’m not even sure from the picture how it all goes together.  Suggestions? I want to stick with worsted weight as that’s what I’ve got, so sizing it up with bulkier yarn won’t work.

3. My Contest

My Flood Relief Contest is turning into a sad little contest with only two, yes TWO entries so far. That’s great for these fine knitters, who so far have a 50/50 chance of winning yarn but I am perplexed. Do knitters not like farmers? Not like vegetables? Not like Fleece Artist? Are they just procrastinators who know they still have 16 days to officially enter? (I did get lots of “good idea!” e-mails, but just two official entries) Is it the colorways? (Because I do think they’re lovely). Do I need to offer chocolate as well? (I will, you know, offer chocolate too.) Do you all spend your last $20 on coffee and sock yarn? I am truly perplexed.

I have dreams of being able to say “The knitters (and sewers, do I need fabric too? I’ve got it!) raised $500 for flood relief and so far we’re at $40. If everyone donated $5 each, think how much we could raise!!

4. Embarrassment

There is no worse feeling than having to tell the tech at work that your child somehow broke your laptop screen by throwing some random object at it, which happened to then hit the screen in the two minutes you were not in the room with the Precious Laptop from Work, even thought you kept it up on the Very High Buffet, out of reach from little hands. Because you can tell the tech has no children, so you ramble and say stupid things like “Maybe it was a superball” and the tech keeps mumbling things like “Apple won’t warranty this” and “well, you get the prize this year.”

Amazingly, the tech brings you a new laptop. A crummy one that he can’t fit all you music on (a problem, since you’re the music teacher) but at least it’s a laptop. You leave it at work and happily come home to your hacked together IBM.


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Off and Running

I was pleased to get so many nice e-mails from those of you who planned on stopping by your co-op or making an online donation to help our organic farmers out! Way to go to Kathryn for getting my  contest rolling with my first official entry.

The latest report from Harmony Valley reported a loss of $800,000 at their farm alone. The local news reported as of Friday that Sow the Seeds has raised about $10,000 so far for flood relief. It’s a great start but just a drop in the bucket towards what is needed. Take a few minutes to watch this video that I came across today. It sums it up pretty well. Then, take a few minutes to donate and enter here to win some yarn!

On the knitting front, I purchased this pattern today. But, I have still have my Leaf cardigan to contend with; it’s too tight in the armpits and now I’m stuck.


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Flood Relief Contest


I’m sure most of you have heard about the devastating floods that have taken place in Southeastern Minnesota and Southwestern Wisconsin by now. There has been terrible loss of life and property, but one group that has been hit especially hard are the organic farmers of the region. This is a fertile area, and home to a rich organic farming community. I ‘ve recently learned that Wisconsin is second only to California in the number of organic farms.

You can read about the heartbreaking damage to a few of our local farms here. Our own CSA, Harmony Valley Farm, was hit terribly hard as were many, many more. This is an agonizing loss for these farmers. Not only have they lost their crops but they have suffered erosion and equipment damage, and have had to lay off workers as well. While most farms are hoping to make it through the damage there are also many who have an uncertain future.

Organic farming has long been near and dear to our hearts. We sincerely believe that when it comes to our the health of both our environment and our bodies, organic farmers are the folks who will truly make a difference in our future. The farmers in our region put their heart and soul into everything they do, often just scraping by to provide us all with delicious, healthy food. They are leaders in organics, teaching and inspiring others around the country.

When I first got an e-mail from Harmony Valley about their incredible losses, my heart broke for them. Once I began to find out about the losses around our region, I felt helpless but unsure of what to do. But then I saw that Sow the Seeds is doing a fundraiser, and then I thought, “The knitters! The knitters will help!” And so here I am, with both a contest and a plea for you all to help our organic farmers.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Make a donation to Sow the Seeds. You can donate online or send a check. If you are in the region you can can also donate at your local co-op. Donate $5 or $100, any amount will help!!
2. Send me an e-mail (knittymama AT yahoo DOT com) letting me know your donation amount so we can keep track of how much we knitters are collecting for the farmers.

3. Create a link on your blog to this flood relief contest so we can let others know about the need for help.

4. If you do the above three steps, you will, of course, be entered in a random drawing for yarn. (You knew there was yarn coming, didn’t you?)

The winner will have a choice of:

Some beautiful Fleece Artist DSC03724

or Spunky Eclectic Tough Sock (this one is her Yarn of the Month club selection for August, you can’t buy it!)


Edited to add: Be sure to check this post  for additional prizes!

I’ll run this Knitters without Borders style, on your honor. (I trust you knitters.) The contest will remain open until September 29th. On October first, I’ll randomly draw a winner from all of those who donated.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to see how much we can raise this month! Now go and spread the love, people.


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Contests and a Meme

Contest Number One:

Ali has a fun contest: Name your summer knitting goals:

I’m going to try to keep mine simple.

1.  “Cannes” in cotton braid from Rowan Beach Cool.

2. Nothing but a T-Shirt 

3. Swallowtail shawl

4. Six pairs of socks

5. Fall sweaters for the boys.

Think I can handle all that?

Contest Number Two:

For the Summer Dishcloth Swap:

What gives me hope? Watching my boys play. No matter what else is going on in the world, all I have to do is watch them and it’s all okay.

My summer adventure? Our first real family vacation, all on our own, to Colarado!!

And a meme from Shelly:


1. Each player starts with 8 random facts about themselves.

2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their 8 random things and post the rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and post their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
1. We have pizza every Friday night. I used to make homeade but I’ve been slacking since Knittybaby was born and we’ve been ordering out.

2. My last big vacation was to Cape Cod. We took the train because we thought it would be romantic. Unfortunately, our train was stinky and we couldn’t get any food. But Cape Cod was awesome.

3. My mom’s half of the family is from New Jersey. I love the east coast and wish we could visit more often.

4. I am in love with living in the city. I also am in love with the idea of having a farm with fiber animals. Can’t have both, and I’m not sure if I’d really like having a hobby farm of if I just like the idea of it.

5.  The Skeptic and I fell head over heels when we were only nineteen. I met him because a fellow bassoonist had a huge crush on him. They dated, it didn’t work out. Lucky for me:-)

6. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 16.

7. I’ve finally decided to get my butt to IKEA, buy a bunch of shelving and cabinetry, and get all my yarn, fleece and fabric organized.

8. I’m a BBC junkie. I would move to the UK just to have full access. Instead I’m stuck watching five year old episodes of Eastenders.

Okay, I tag:  Mama Grouch, Purple Purl Girl, Jess, Craftlilly, Christy, Sassy PriscillaKittymommy, and Guinifer. Have fun!!!


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Cover your eyes…

…if you are easily made jealous. Insane amount of stash enhancement ahead.

But first, thanks for all the love on the sweater set. I’m still trying to respond to all the comments, but I’m so behind from the Coffee Swap madness (madness in a good way, that is:-) These knitters love their coffee! I actually managed to match up 114 people and and send out their partners in two days. Yes, I know I totally rock. Or I’m just a little too crazy. Not sure which one yet.

Before I get to the pictures, are you ready for my major excitement? I’m off to Toronto in two days for an educators’ conference. Three nights, four days all by myself in a knitting mecca of a city. I’m excited but also upset about leaving my boys. I know they’ll be fine with the Skeptic, he has a very tight bond with both boys, but I’m really having a hard time with the idea of leaving them. How I can be so excited to go yet so not want to go at the same time is beyond me, although I’m sure all you moms understand.

So then,  who’s got great suggeestions for places I should hit while I’m there, so I can keep busy and have some fun. Yarn shops? Fabirc shops? Good food? Anything else not to miss? I’m staying right downtown. I don’t have tons of free time but I do have a decent size chunk of it.

On to the pictures:

Yarnover haul (small, ’cause I’m going to Toronto!!!:-)

Shepherd’s Choice sock yarn:


Peace Fleece, meant for swatching for a possible sweater for the Skeptic


Spunky Eclectic sock of the month club:


Now, really cover your eyes if you need to. Remember the contest I won? The sock yarn for FIFTEEN PAIRS of socks? Here is it:


And more:


And more:dsc02906.jpg

You can get the whole link-o-rama for the yarns at April’s blog, as well as her motive for such an incredible contest. I am so totally floored at her generosity and thankful for such a beautiful prize! Thanks, April:-) I’m not even sure what to start with!


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And the winners are….

 Thanks so much for Knittybaby’s get well wishes! He’s no better or worse. Still has a fever of about 102F and is fine as long as he’s on someone’s lap or sleeping next to him. So tonight we’re back to non-stop nursing in the rocker with the laptop on the end table. Thank goodness I’m an excellent one-handed typer!

I finished the Knitting Circle last night. Really, a wonderful, wonderful book. There’s a little bit of the “eclectic group of knitters bonded through knitting!” stuff that appears in many of the knitting fiction books out there, but the writing rises above it and there is no cheesiness whatsoever. Can I just recommend you not read it when your kid is coming down with some unknown feverish bug? This is a serious tear-jerker as it is. I have never bawled so many times while reading a book. But it was worth it. Now go hug your kids.
Okay, on to our winners! The first two receive needle cases, the third yarn.
And the random number gererator says:
1 Set of 3 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 63Unsorted

Set #1: 51, 37, 42

Comment #51 was left by Tiphanie!!!  You win a needle roll….

Comment #37 was left by Anne! Another needle roll….

Comment #42 was left by Tammy!! You’ve got some Gale Woods yarn coming….

E-mail me at knittymama AT yahoo DOT com with your snail mail, three favorite colors, and if you won a needle case, what style you’d like (regular double points, mini sock needle roll, hmmm….I bet I could even make one for circs). I’ll get to the sewing this weekend and get all packages sent out in a week.
Congrats to the winners! And thanks to everyone who entered. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some new blogs and reading all of your birthday stories.


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Mark Your Calendars!!

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the second round of the Knitters’ Coffee Swap. I’m happy to announce that it will open for sign-ups on April 16th. You can find all the info here.

Our birthday extravaganza contest is coming to an end this weekend on the Skeptic’s birthday. Be sure to get your entry in by this Sunday the 15th. I’ll pick three winners randomly on the 16th and prizes will be sent out later in the week. If you win a needle roll, you’ll get to pick your favorite colors and I’ll sew it up for you.

I promised a finished object and here it is, Knittybaby’s latest soaker, in Project Spectrum colors for February/March:

Pattern: free soaker pattern from Curlypurly.

Yarn: Little Turtle Knits handpainted.

Needles: size 8

Guage: Knittybaby is asleep in his soaker as we speak, so needless to say I’m not checking. We’ll just say it matched the pattern’s requirements.

Notes: I love this pattern! No elastic or ties to mess with. Fits snugly and not too bulky. If you’ve read the Harlot’s latest book you’ll notice she sadly calls soakers an endangered species of knitting. So I’m trying to share a little soaker/cloth diaper love here. In my little bubble here in Minneapolis most of my friends cloth diaper and many of them use soakers, but I forget that a lot of people are not that familiar with it. I could write forever about it, but I’m tired so I’ll give you a link to here and here if you want to learn more.

Okay…I will say just one quick thing. We originally decided to cloth diaper for environmental and financial reasons; we just couldn’t see wasting all that money and producing all the garbage. We thought it would be a hassel and something that we’d begrudgingly do because we should, but….I can actually say now that we love our cloth diapers. They are really the easiest loads of laundry to do and they really do seem more comfortable for the boys. Plus, they are so, so cute. I really encourage people to give it a try!

Lastly, the excitement of the day: Knittybaby is walking! I absolutely love those first shaky, hesitant steps and the pride on his face when he realizes what he is doing.


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