Cover your eyes…

…if you are easily made jealous. Insane amount of stash enhancement ahead.

But first, thanks for all the love on the sweater set. I’m still trying to respond to all the comments, but I’m so behind from the Coffee Swap madness (madness in a good way, that is:-) These knitters love their coffee! I actually managed to match up 114 people and and send out their partners in two days. Yes, I know I totally rock. Or I’m just a little too crazy. Not sure which one yet.

Before I get to the pictures, are you ready for my major excitement? I’m off to Toronto in two days for an educators’ conference. Three nights, four days all by myself in a knitting mecca of a city. I’m excited but also upset about leaving my boys. I know they’ll be fine with the Skeptic, he has a very tight bond with both boys, but I’m really having a hard time with the idea of leaving them. How I can be so excited to go yet so not want to go at the same time is beyond me, although I’m sure all you moms understand.

So then,  who’s got great suggeestions for places I should hit while I’m there, so I can keep busy and have some fun. Yarn shops? Fabirc shops? Good food? Anything else not to miss? I’m staying right downtown. I don’t have tons of free time but I do have a decent size chunk of it.

On to the pictures:

Yarnover haul (small, ’cause I’m going to Toronto!!!:-)

Shepherd’s Choice sock yarn:


Peace Fleece, meant for swatching for a possible sweater for the Skeptic


Spunky Eclectic sock of the month club:


Now, really cover your eyes if you need to. Remember the contest I won? The sock yarn for FIFTEEN PAIRS of socks? Here is it:


And more:


And more:dsc02906.jpg

You can get the whole link-o-rama for the yarns at April’s blog, as well as her motive for such an incredible contest. I am so totally floored at her generosity and thankful for such a beautiful prize! Thanks, April:-) I’m not even sure what to start with!



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18 responses to “Cover your eyes…

  1. WOW. So much sock yarn. *drool* You better get knitting!! 🙂

    Not crazy – you rock! Have fun in Toronto.

  2. Awesome yarn!!! Have a great time in Toronto! I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way leaving Jackson behind when I went to Chicago last week. The reunion is sweet though, so have fun!

  3. Sarah

    What a lovely stash deposit! Are your needles itching?

    And I TOTALLY understand about the Leaving of the Babies. This weekend my husband and I are leaving the kids with my parents and spending the night at a B & B. The Man-Cub has been overnight many times, but this will be Miss Muffit’s first night away from me. I know she’ll be just fine–she’s very independent and she loves my parents, but I keep wondering if she’ll *really* be ok? Well, she’s 17 mo old, so ready or not. . .

    Also, if I were in Toronto, I would go to Lettuce Knit, which is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s LYS. I woudn’t be stalking or anything, but I’d want to see the local yarn store that has a stock good enough to draw the Harlot on a regular basis.

  4. B

    Yep, now I’m jealous! 🙂 You totally rock too, setting up all those people for the Coffee Swap. Have fun in Toronto (I’m jealous about that, too, I would love to get away).

  5. Lisa G

    If I were going (and I wish I were), I would email Dorthy Siemans of Fiddlesticks Knitting and see if she had a bit of time to meet me somewhere.

    The other person that I would want to meet? Megan at Lettuce Knit. She’s developed a fantastic shop (even online) with loads of really neat hand dyed yarns and has continued to be a high quality shop to attract Toronto’s celebrity knitter’s regular business. It seems to be the spot that the creative (and technically skilled knitters) spent their time.

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of sock yarn! Better get knitting!

  7. *wow* — I should have taken the jealousy warning more seriously. 😉

    Have a great time in Toronto!

  8. Yeah, you warned us, but I never could resist some stash flashing…so now I’m green!!

    I completely understand the excited to go, but not wanting to leave the littles…Have a GREAT trip!!

  9. I am totally jealous – only 11% through the Yarn Fast and I am jonesin’ for a fix!!!

    I specially love the Shepherd’s Choice.

  10. I’m drooling over the sock yarn. I’ve been toying with the idea of joining the Spunky Eclectic sock club. I’m already a member of the fiber club. I think I may have too now.

  11. Second the motion for Lettuce Knit. Besides La Harlot, Amy Singer of fame and the other Stephanie ( are regular attendees. iirc, their LK nights might be Thursdays. If I were you, I’d be sure to be there on Thursday night if possible. Just in case. Or maybe every night. Not that I’m encouraging stalking. Much.

  12. Your SP10

    Wow, that’s a lot of yarn–so much, in fact, that your stash probably has its own stash now!

    I’m eager to see how the Peace Fleece knits up, as I’ve never used it before. It looks lovely!

    Have a wonderful trip to Toronto!

  13. AllyB

    In Toronto you should check out Shopsky’s Deli on Yonge St. There’s also a great website called MenuPalace that you can type in Toronto and it will give you anything you want anywhere in the city. I so envy you going there…I love that town! Drooling over your yarn…sending good thoughts for you as you break free of the yunguns…it’s hard and great all at once…enjoy every minute…they’ll be there when you get home.

  14. AllyB

    OOOps! Sorry, no “k” in that name, it should be Shopsy’s…toodles!

  15. Wow, what a haul! Nice yarn 🙂

    I’m envious of you getting to go on a trip all by yourself. Have fun & don’t forget your pump!

  16. Oh my heavens you are one lucky knitter….love all that yarn!!

    Leaving the kids is always hard….even when you want a break.

    The Old Spagetti Factory is my favorite there. I am about an hour from Toronto and we have gone in for concerts and what not. A nice city to vist. Have fun!!!

  17. Wow, that’s quite an impressive prize! I can’t wait to see all the new socks you’ll be knitting up!

  18. I just wanted to get my name on a list of folks interested in the Fall version of the coffee swap. So bummed I missed it.


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