Mini Posts

I have too much too say and little time to say it, so here, in no special order are all the things I’d like to have the time to write a nice long post for but instead will give the abbreviated version:

1. Creativity and Four Year Olds.


(Photo taken by Little Man himself)

As Little Man is staring hard at another Lego creation:

Me: How do you know when it’s done?

Little Man: When it’s cool. It isn’t done yet because it’s still not cool.

So there you have it. How do you know when that special project is really done? When it’s cool.

2. A Problem
I really want to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket, toddler size.  I have no idea how to size it up; I’ve never knit one before and I can’t figure out how to make it bigger when I’m not even sure from the picture how it all goes together.  Suggestions? I want to stick with worsted weight as that’s what I’ve got, so sizing it up with bulkier yarn won’t work.

3. My Contest

My Flood Relief Contest is turning into a sad little contest with only two, yes TWO entries so far. That’s great for these fine knitters, who so far have a 50/50 chance of winning yarn but I am perplexed. Do knitters not like farmers? Not like vegetables? Not like Fleece Artist? Are they just procrastinators who know they still have 16 days to officially enter? (I did get lots of “good idea!” e-mails, but just two official entries) Is it the colorways? (Because I do think they’re lovely). Do I need to offer chocolate as well? (I will, you know, offer chocolate too.) Do you all spend your last $20 on coffee and sock yarn? I am truly perplexed.

I have dreams of being able to say “The knitters (and sewers, do I need fabric too? I’ve got it!) raised $500 for flood relief and so far we’re at $40. If everyone donated $5 each, think how much we could raise!!

4. Embarrassment

There is no worse feeling than having to tell the tech at work that your child somehow broke your laptop screen by throwing some random object at it, which happened to then hit the screen in the two minutes you were not in the room with the Precious Laptop from Work, even thought you kept it up on the Very High Buffet, out of reach from little hands. Because you can tell the tech has no children, so you ramble and say stupid things like “Maybe it was a superball” and the tech keeps mumbling things like “Apple won’t warranty this” and “well, you get the prize this year.”

Amazingly, the tech brings you a new laptop. A crummy one that he can’t fit all you music on (a problem, since you’re the music teacher) but at least it’s a laptop. You leave it at work and happily come home to your hacked together IBM.



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12 responses to “Mini Posts

  1. Hi, Becca! I donated ten dollars to the farmers at the Wedge the other day but didn’t come over and enter the contest. So now you have three entrants. I wouldn’t have thought to ask about donating when I was there if you hadn’t mentioned it here. So thanks.

  2. I just wrote myself a note to donate at the Wedge when I’m there tonight! Bummer about the laptop screen…

  3. If you figure out how to make a Toddler Surprise Jacket, I’d love to hear about it, since I’m interested in making one myself (and with worsted-weight, too).

    You may want to post a query at Zimmermania. I bet someone there can answer your question!

  4. Sorry. Me = procrastinator. Guilty!

  5. knittymama's mama

    1. love Little Man’s creativity, he always has a “Plan”.
    2.Can’t help ya w/ the baby sweater, when am i going to learn to knit those potholders?:)
    3. Guilty on the flood donation, does giving to our local co-op count:)and, lastly;
    4. the laptop, that’s worse then the pbj in the VCR!

  6. Ok – thanks for the reminder. I just donated while I was at the Wedge. It’s in the last 24 hours to donate there, by the way.

  7. Aren’t kids the cutest! My 5 year old likes to call things cool too. I love your little one’s creation.

  8. Whoops! Sometimes I forget to follow through on the contest rules…I’m easily distracted. But my donation is in and I know it’s all done because it’s cool. I don’t like vegetables, but I do like those who produce them. They are cool, too. And so are you for helping with the fundraising.

  9. Adrian (helloyarn) posted a whole set of photos that show how the BSJ goes together, and I bet there are other diagrams out there — might help you figure out how to size it up…

  10. The Opinionated Knitter has BSJ’s in many sizes. Not sure about toddler but maybe there’s info about sizing up in that EZ book.

  11. Whoops! I’ll be going to the co-op tomorrow and will make my donation then.

    As for the BSJ, I think a worsted to aran weight yarn would probably make a toddler-sized sweater. It is a very odd pattern, very hard to wrap your brain around, for sure. I just had to stop thinking about it so much and just trust EZ – it came together just as she said it would!

  12. Re: Creativity and Four Year Olds

    Kids just always say it best!

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