Around our house, around the neighborhood.


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11 responses to “Around our house, around the neighborhood.

  1. Scary!! I am SO glad you all (especially the boys) were ok!

  2. Guinifer

    So grateful you all were safe!

  3. Jeanne

    Yikes! So different here. Glad nobody was hurt.

  4. Geez! You know when I came over to see what you were up to today.. maybe what you were knitting, I never expected to see this! You are in our prayers. I wish I could bring you dinner. Sending hugs from Montana friend.

  5. Wow, scary stuff. Glad you are all ok x

  6. I still can’t get over the devistation…

  7. Oh, so awful! I grew up in Tornado Alley (Missouri), and I still have nightmares about the darned things even though we live in Maine now. Last week, the radio went off with a warning here, and all I could think was, If it could happen in Minneapolis…

    I’m so sorry.

  8. YIKES! We don’t have tornados, but when I lived in the midwest for 9 months for college, I was scared of nothing else other than tornados. When I went into a basement and it started flooding… I knew I was moving home. I’m glad your family is okay, even if the neighborhood and house isn’t.

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