A simple contest

This week has found me with new challenges. The final tornado repairs on our house are in full swing. Our house has been overtaken by plaster and paint, which means we are spending our days out and about. It’s a nice break in a way,  a vacation in our own city, but not going about our usual routine puts a bit of a stress on everyone. Math Boy has been with his grandparents for a week having some big boy time. Knittykid and Spinner have been bumming around with me all week, heading out to the Children’s Museum, Hyland Park Reserve and whatever other outdoor spaces we’ve found ourselves enjoying. I’ve realized how blessed we are with our amazing parks here in the Twin Cities. We have huge wildlife reserves, state parks, county parks, city parks…..many right in the metro area. I’ve heard it often said that Minneapolis is the greenest city in America and I believe it. Now if only I could remember my camera when I leave the house…..

I’ve been trying to knit this week, but making little progress. I have an idea in my head for a vest I’d love to knit for Spinner, but I also want to write the pattern down. Of course this involves a chart, which involves trying to learn how to chart using the computer, which isn’t going very well. I can’t figure out how to chart cables. I might just go old school, draw it by hand and scan it in. I have little to show for now other than a wrinkly little swatch. We’ll see where it goes.

Since our house is in a uproar right now I have nothing really new to show you, but I did come up with a fun idea for a contest a few days ago when hanging laundry.

My Simple project involves not only simplifying for the kids, but for the Skeptic and myself as well.

Any guesses what this might be?


I’ll give you a hint. If you have anyone of the male gender in your house, you have a bunch of them. The older the male, the more you certainly have.

Figure it out?

Yup, it’s the classic grungy t-shirt, full of holes. And the Skeptic has heaps.


The contest? Guess how many he has. After the plaster work and painting is finished I’ll be cleaning out his collection (I’ve warned him!) and thinning them out. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the shirt collection:

  • It fills up one and a half dresser drawers, along with a pile on top of the dresser that I can’t fit inside when all the laundry is clean.
  • He’s in the audio business, which means he brings home a lot of free t-shirts after his gigs. He keeps them all, even when they are bands he hates.
  • He’s a hard working guy and therefore feels the need to have t-shirts for greasy work, grungy work, sweaty work, painting work, shop work, show work, everyday, and for good.
  • He has t-shirts that he got in high school. And he’s now 36.

That should get you started!! The contest rules are simple:

  • Guess of the number of t-shirts my dear husband has; leave your guess in the comments. Be sure to leave an e-mail address. If you’d like, give me an idea of what I should do with all those shirts. I have a few thoughts  in mind, but maybe you’ll think of something I haven’t!
  • If you’d like a second entry, place a link to the contest on your own blog and let me know about it in your comment. Then leave a second guess.
  • I’ll leave the contest open until August 30th.
  • The prize….I’m not totally sure about it yet but it will be something yummy and something crafty.

My goal is that he should be able to fit them all in one dresser drawer, easily. Now to convince him to let that many go…..



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25 responses to “A simple contest

  1. I’ll guess he has three dozen. My husband is in technology and he’s always dragging home freebies from sales reps. He must have two dozen himself.

    Hope I win! I could use some excitement!

  2. Best of luck with all the house stuff! I’m betting he was 68 t-shirts. My husband’s always bringing home t-shirts from his sports leagues, so I know the drill.

    Minneapolis truly is amazing! I grew up right by Hyland Reserve in Blmgtn, and I really miss it. I also love the big Greenway bike trail through the middle of the city!

  3. Meghan

    I bet 57. 🙂

  4. Meg

    You can fit 3 stacks of 15 shirts in a dresser drawer if you are really cramming them in there. (Guess how I know!) So, 45 in one drawer, another 22 in the 1/2 drawer, and say another dozen on top, my guess is 79!

  5. Guinifer

    Hah! THREE males in my house – #2 already has a prodigious collection started.

    I’m going to guess 48~!

  6. for fun, let’s say an even 100. As my HT has many as well.

  7. Maggie

    I am going to say 85! You could get rid of even more if you made a quilt out of his favorites. I teach a class on how to make them at Bear Patch in White Bear Lake. I also make them on consignment.

    Good luck with the sorting! My husband is still wearing tshirts from my son that he gave up when he was 15. My son is now almost 27!

  8. I will guess 75! My husband is a runner, and there seems to be a free t-shirt with every race he runs. So I understand. 😉

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  10. Your husband is about my age, and I have easily 2 or 3 dozen from random running events, concert and play T shirts, and too many Questionable Content tshirts.

    Given I don’t have anything anything much older than 10 years, I would say that he has at least 2.5 times the number I have (more shirts and longer keeping record): approximately 90.

  11. Kitten With A Whiplash

    I don’t even particularly like t-shirts (henleys are my thing), and I don’t keep holey shirts (with a few important exceptions). I still managed to wind up with close to 4 dozen tees, of which only about 8 still fit. I’m guessing an afficionado could triple that plus some, so I’m guessing 165.

  12. 65! (just a guess) i wish i had cut squares out of some of the bands i had seen t shirts and made a quilt from them, would be great in a man room!

  13. 76.

    We also are t-shirt lovers in our household. Were it not for semi-annual trips to Goodwill and a tiny apartment, I know my partner’s collection would be roughly that number. And, actually, we haven’t been to Goodwill in a while, so it might be.

  14. Leni

    I think he has 201 T-shirts. And they could be used as filling for dolls, quilts, or pillows.
    Found out about your blog from Stumbling Over Chaos blog.


  15. Oh gosh, what an interesting contest! Hmmm…I will guess 93.

  16. My guess is 102. That’s quite a high number, and I hope for your sanity’s sake that I’m wrong though.

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  18. ikkinlala

    I’ll guess 67.

    I have t-shirts that look like that, and I still wear them (I don’t have a whole drawer full, though).

  19. Did anyone else say 47?

    And, honestly, the holey ones need to go.

    The whole ones – you could cut them up and and make a patchwork throw (how likely is this?) or you could let your kids sleep in them (that’s what The Boy does) or just slip one out the door every week to a rummage sale. Or donate them to the Textile Center’s Garage Sale.

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