2009 hates us


Yes, that tornado in Minneapolis did hit our house. You’re looking at a tree branch through our bedroom window, which scattered glass allover Spinner and Knittykid while they were napping. Amazingly they don’t have a scratch.

We were lucky. Some of our neighbors had their garage pushed completely into the alley or the entire corner of their house smashed in. We lost two trees, or new roofing job needs to be fixed up, our electrical box was ripped off the house, the gutters and a bunch of wood were ripped off…it’s a mess.
I think I had 500 people walk by my house today and take a picture. It’s surreal… news helicopters flying overheard, police everywhere, an army of trucks, gawkers walking all over the place. I’m just glad we’re all okay.



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22 responses to “2009 hates us

  1. Oh my.
    Good to hear that yu re ok.
    I’m so glad we don’t have tornados here…

  2. Amy

    It’s so surreal. Here I am, just a few miles away, and all we got was rain. No wind, no lightning, no thunder, nothing. I’m sorry you got hit, but glad it’s not worse.

  3. Our sirens went off three times and I went outside wondering what the big deal was. A bit of rain and a little thunder? Imagine my surprise to hear of the tornadoes in Mpls and one just five miles south of here! I’m so glad the boys were ok. A tornado in Minneapolis is so unreal!

  4. I meant to ask, is there anything you need? Let me know if there’s any way we can help!

  5. Gwyneth

    I’m so sorry. I’m relieved no one was hurt.

  6. Guinifer

    I’m grateful to hear that you are all OK!

    I think the twister knocked your blog back onto my bloglines – I woke up this morning to 8 posts!

  7. *hug* I’m glad you’re all ok. It was such a weird storm – we didn’t even have wind in Uptown, just heavy rain.

  8. deb

    Yikes!! Glad to hear everyone is OK!!

  9. Jeanne

    Wow! Glad everyone is OK. It was pretty scary here, but nothing like that!

  10. so sorry this happened. That sucks! Please let me know if I can help out in some way.

  11. I was thinking about you! Then I heard about the gas leak up there and thought about you even more.

    I am so sorry about everything you are going through. Let me know if you need anything (babysitting, yarn, whatever).

  12. Glad you’re OK- I was not far from there but thankfully no damage- did see the helicopters on my way home from work though….

  13. Oh, man! I am so sorry to hear about the damage but glad to hear that you are all okay.

    Oldest Daughter and I were in the Roseville Kohl’s and stuck there in the “safety zone” during the tornados.

    Here’s hoping September is better!

  14. Wow, when it rains it pours. I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune, stupid tornados! I am so glad that all of you are okay.
    It missed us completely, in fact I was walking to work about a half hour before the tornado hit Mpls. It was raining, I had an umbrella, my legs got a bit wet but it wasn’t unusually windy or anything, just rain.

  15. Very glad to hear that you are OK! It must have been so scary.

  16. Wow! Thankful no one was hurt in your home! My husband watched that tornado from the 8th floor of a building on Riverside, and he didn’t get a picture!! Silly him…

  17. OMG I saw that on the news too. I’m so glad to hear no one was hurt in your home.

    Here’s to hoping that the rest of the year is a little easier on all of you – it’s been a rough one!

  18. yikes! That seems a little too close… glad you’re all okay!

  19. wow, that is so scary. Glad you are all ok

  20. Oh, my goodness! That is scary. I am glad you are okay.
    Sending thoughts from my family to yours.

  21. That is pretty impressive to see this up close like that.
    I can’t believe the damage that has been done…wow!
    You must have been terrified…that branch sends chills down my spine.
    So glad that your family is safe.
    I also stopped by to thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog today.
    – nice to meet you.

  22. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so glad the kids are ok and that you are safe.

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