Summer Studio Tour

So I know I promised the first post in my Simple series, but today was one of those days, which means the photos I wanted to take weren’t taken. Poor Spinner was having a rough morning and was only happy when seated next to me reading books. The alternative was to let him follow me around, screaming “read” at full volume while trying to bite my leg. He is the king tantrum thrower of all three boys and I’ve learned over the years that when your toddler is in such a mood it’s best to just cuddle up. So Simple will follow, but I still have a bit of a preface to it by joining up with the Summer Studio Tour over at Beauty That Moves. (I’m a bit late but couldn’t resist).

There is a neglected (and nearly finished!) quilt sadly lounging on the table, but the real work in this room is the studio itself.  See the cracks?

This is what happens when your house get’s a nice shove by a tornado. We’ve let the place settle over the winter and in a few weeks we will be visited by the plasterers/painters who will be giving our place a makeover. Studio included.

New fabric for new curtains awaits:

Any guesses on the paint color I’m going with? No more green, that’s for certain.

I have big plans for this room. Simplification is not just about the kids, it’s about making my life better as well. I often feel lately when I go into this room that I can’t get any work done because there is too much stuff all over the place. My sewing table is usually a mess, the ironing board covered with fabric, baskets of yarn and fiber everywhere, as well as whatever junk the boys dragged in. So I’ll be rearranging, adding more shelves and figuring out what I can let go of…the toughest part. It’s easy for me to get rid of toys, not so easy for me to get rid of MY stuff. So we’ll see where it goes with this room. My hope is that I’ll be able to just come in and work, rather than spend half my time moving around clutter and feeling overwhelmed by project ideas.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a smoother day and I can get back to the post I promised!



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9 responses to “Summer Studio Tour

  1. Love that pink! I purposefully made my kitchen all kinds of bright colors to keep me cheered up in the wintertime.

  2. Annik

    I spy a beautiful Oh, Fransson! quilt-along quilt! And I can’t wait to see the newly painted craft room that goes with the Sandi Henderson fabric! Hope your little guy is feeling better tomorrow.

  3. Here’s hoping for a tantrum free day today!

  4. Gwyneth

    Colors with a yellow or warm undertone promote happiness! They make you feel sunny. True fact. My office was a warm creamy coffee color and I always sighed and relaxed when I went in to work in there.

  5. Guinifer

    Nowadays (Nowadays?), I’m the one having those type of tantrums.

  6. Yikes! That must have been quite a tornado, but how cool that you get to re-design your studio now!

  7. Oh my, that looks like a lovely, lovely quilt! Can’t wait to see the finished result…quilt, curtains, and studio.
    I’m planning to paint our kitchen cupboards white next month (and probably into the Fall). We have a little galley kitchen with one window that faces north and dark wood cupboards; I’m ready for a change in there!

  8. How I love that quilt! SO beautiful! I have two partly pieced; the girls and I are hoping to quilt by the fire this winter.

    And the curtain fabric makes me swoon (just as the thought of that tornado still makes me feel faint; Maine had three tornadoes in a storm last week, so rare).

    Keep your world bright! Way to go!

  9. Love the colors and fabrics in that quilt! It looks so sweet and cheerful!

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