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Soakermania, round two

Spinner is growing fast, and can you believe it, WALKING!! Not a lot, he goes about three feet and then sits back down. It’s funny, when the big boys learned to walk (about 14 months) they were so excited it’s all they wanted to do. Spinner’s not even 11 months yet and he’s very ho-hum about it. Not that exciting yet, I guess. But very exciting for us!

A growing boy, of course means a growing bottom. So more soakers are in order!


This is the Picky Pants pattern again, my favorite. The wool is Blackberry Ridge merino.

The details I crocheted on, and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.


Although my snail does look mad.

I have another pair OTN that are nearly done. But I also have quilted curtains to finish sewing (didn’t know I was up to that, did you?) and a stairwell to paint. Spinner is getting baptized next weekend and we have family coming who haven’t been here for a few years, so I’m feeling the pressure to spruce things up. Wish me luck since I haven’t even started sewing Spinner’s baptism outfit yet. Yikes!!



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