Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

2009 hates us


Yes, that tornado in Minneapolis did hit our house. You’re looking at a tree branch through our bedroom window, which scattered glass allover Spinner and Knittykid while they were napping. Amazingly they don’t have a scratch.

We were lucky. Some of our neighbors had their garage pushed completely into the alley or the entire corner of their house smashed in. We lost two trees, or new roofing job needs to be fixed up, our electrical box was ripped off the house, the gutters and a bunch of wood were ripped off…it’s a mess.
I think I had 500 people walk by my house today and take a picture. It’s surreal… news helicopters flying overheard, police everywhere, an army of trucks, gawkers walking all over the place. I’m just glad we’re all okay.



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