Monday Night Spinning!!

Ha! You thought you were going to see some yarn, didn’t you? Because tonight is Monday, and I had declared Mondays to be spinning night. I had good intentions when I got home from work, but here’s what happened:

Skeptic going to work late
+TV obsessed three year old
+baby who doesn’t realize it’s bedtime
+exhausted mama who stayed up too late every night over vacation and went back to work today


Knittybaby finally went to bed 15 minutes ago and I just don’t have it in me. Hopefully next Monday. I don’t even have the energy to knit or take pictures, and I really want to show you my mitten, but that would mean walking into the other room and I’m not even sure I can make it to bed.

On the TV issue. It is driving us absolutely nuts. Before Knittybaby was born we had a half hour a day limit: Mr. Rogers. On Sunday he lucked out and got an entire hour of PBS. Lately? Little Man is TV obsessed. Since Knittybaby was born his TV time crept up bit by bit, just so I could manage to nurse in peace or get Knittybaby to sleep. He was at about an hour to hour and a half a day, and while not happy we were okay with it. I figured come summer we’d get back to our 30 minutes a day limit. Now it has crept up to a good two, three, four hours a day and an all day battle.

From the minute he gets up, Little Man is whining about watching “just a little TV” or “just one more kid’s show” right up until bedtime, and I’m not kidding. He has tantrums. He gets sneaky. He whines, over and over and over. He figured out we were lying and there isn’t really a lock on the back, we were just unplugging it. The Skeptic unhooked the antanae, Little Man hooked it back up. We even tried just letting him watch as much as he wanted for a few days to see if he’d just burn out; no luck there. I feel like I am being stabbed in the eye repeatedly. His last words tonight: can’t I just watch a little TV? We are this close to putting it in the basement, which would be fine since we are not big TV people. But we do like our Netflix a few nights a week. But I’m not sure what else to do. We are trying tickets tomorrow. Two tickets a day, 30 minutes each. We’ll see…..

Thank you so much for all of your kind words about Knittybaby. It still truly amazes me what a wonderful, supportive and loving community the knitblogger world really is! Your support means a lot to us.



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4 responses to “Monday Night Spinning!!

  1. Diane

    Don’t worry about tv. Using it as a babysitter is something every mom has done far too many times. I sure did and my children are now grown ups. I’m happy to report that they are fine.

    Once the weather gets nice and knittybaby is a little older you’ll be out and about more and tv will natually fall aside for other important little man things.

    How to get spinning time on Monday? Declare it “I’m never touching that wheel on Monday night” and it might just work. lol

  2. Anonymous

    Just take a deep breath. Some wise mom once told me to choose my battles. Which ones do you feel strongest about? TV? Then you stand your ground mama!

  3. irishmama

    I agree, don’t worry about the TV. Mine went through phases of wanting to watch alot or none at all. Now at 12, 9, and 6 they hardly ever want to watch it. Now to Knitty baby, great news on the surgery, The stent placement is much less invasive than the surgery. My daughter was too young (<1 year) and it was'nt approved for that age so she had to have surgery. And what your doctor says is so true, every year they are coming out with newer procedures so as to avoid surgery.

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