Pleased to Meet You

So apparently it’s De-Lurking Week, and I’ve been excited to see so many readers commenting this week who haven’t commented before. It’s been so nice to visit your blogs and know who more of you are. I absolutely love this little knitting/crafting community we’ve got going here. I was thinking the other day that if it wasn’t for bloggers, I would most likely still be knitting garter stitch hats and scarves. Instead, I’ve branched out into areas of knitting I never thought possible when I first began knitting: socks, cables, sweaters, colorwork, teeny-tiny needles, lace, my gosh, even spinning and now sewing! I used to think all of these things were “too hard” and I would need to knit for 20 years before I tried it. But here you all are, showing off your work, explaining how you do it and suddenly I feel like I can do it too. And you know what? I’ve found I can.

I hope that my little blog does the same for you. I love all the comments that you leave, every single one of you. Thanks to all my regulars; it’s nice to have your ideas, encouragement and a good laugh. So if you’ve been too shy, or just trying to keep up with reading the many blogs you subscribe too (I know how that is) just take a second to say “hi!” in the comments. I’ll be glad to be able to visit your blog and be able to says “thanks!” Remember, I’ve got two comments sections right now. If you’d like an e-mail from me be sure to comment in Haloscan. (I promise to fix that. I’ve got BIG blog plans coming soon.)

Oh, and I promise to de-lurk a little more this week as well. And Mom? This means you too!



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6 responses to “Pleased to Meet You

  1. Marisol


    I came across your blog just a short while ago and confess that i have been lurking for a couple of weeks. O.K. there its out in the open! I am having a great time getting to know your blog and reading up on all the beautiful crafts and knitting… Oh by the way, i posted about this very thing this morning:)

  2. Anonymous

    Blogging really brought my knitting up a notch, as well. I was feeling sort of ashamed of my meager FOs and wanted to knit like the cool kids. I’m still not that great a knitter, but I mastered some things that I would never have tried if I wasn’t posting pictures! 😉

  3. heide

    Knitters rock! And without the bloggers who knit then I’d still be knitting in isolation and still be feeling like I was some strange throw back to the past with my hobby of choice.

  4. Gretchen

    I found your blog through Daily Fiber Therapy, and was in the Knitter’s Coffee Swap- awesome, and thanks, by the way. I haven’t managed to blog much at all, but love reading knit blogs everyday. I love getting ideas and seeing beautiful FO’s on everybody’s blogs. Have a great day!

  5. Anonymous

    I have to agree that seeing what other bloggers are doing has caused me to step up the quality of my knitting. I decided to try lace, have designed a garment that I can wear out of the house, and gained more knowledge that I thought possible because of the truely generous knitters out there.

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