I’ve barely gotten anything done this week. I had my first “Down and Dirty Pattern Drafting” class at the Textile Center and managed to make myself a basic skirt pattern. Next week we make a bodice and the final week we do fittings and tweak the patterns. The teacher is great and it’s nice to have a whole three hours of worktime. The only bummer is that there is no actual sewing done in the class, that’s all homework. I really have no idea how to sew from a pattern. I’ve been making up my own stuff and just measuring. But I’ve gotten a couple of good basic books so I think I’ll be okay.

I was supposed to get together to spin last night with a friend, but Little Man changed those plans. He’s been really into cooking with me lately and is a pretty good helper, although he really wants to get to work at the stove, which has been my big no-no. Well, despite my many, many warnings of “that will burn your skin right off, don’t touch!!!” he decided to see for himself. He had his back to the sink and was working at the counter. I brought over a pot of boiled root veggies to drain, and before I could say “look out” he turns around and sticks his hand under the water as I’m pouring it out – on purpose!! I thought for sure we’d be off to the ER. The Skeptic got him under cold water and I consulted my trusty Dr. Sears while listening to my poor boy scream like I’ve never heard him. After sufficient monitoring we decided he didn’t need to go in. Amazingly he’s got nothing more than first degree burns. We gave him Tylenol and ran out for burn cream and this morning he was just about good as new, looking like his hand got a sunburn. Needless to say, no spinning was done last night! I’m hoping at least now he’s learned to believe Mommy, but oh, did my poor boy cry.

The donations for the Greyhound Pets of America-Minnesota craft fair have been arriving, and I need to get mine finished up tonight. I’m way behind as I totally forgot it’s the end of the semester and I have grades to do, all 300 students! I’m mostly done so I’m off to finish my scarves. Once I’m done and I’ve got everything ready to get picked up I’ll take pictures and get thanks out to the donators.

Then, maybe I’ll actually get my mittens done.



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  1. irishmama

    Kids will do the strangest things. My youngest would climb up on the oven to feel how hot it got. Glad he’s doing better.

  2. Guinifer

    I distinctly remember being 5 years old and my Uncle telling me NOT to touch the go-cart motor because it would burn my “fingers right off”. Well, it didn’t LOOK hot, so I touched it. I was so embarrassed and it hurt to badly I walked around fighting tears for about ten minutes. Finally my Aunt asked me what was wrong. I ‘fessed up, and then the sobs really started. They put butter on the burn – that’s how old I am!

  3. Jeanne

    I’m glad the burn wasn’t serious. I remember doing something similar. I think it’s required before the age of 10 or something.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, poor Little Man! But I guess we all had to learn one or two of life’s lessons through some experimentation. Glad he’s OK.

  5. Anonymous

    They all do it. My little one touched the pellet stove at my parent’s house after repeated warnings. He ended up with a little blister, but has never touched the stove again, even in the summer when it is off.

  6. Anonymous

    Life with kids are never dull and sometimes downright nerve-wrecking.
    Shame – I also glad to hear his doing better.
    I try using my scares to warn my daughter to be careful but we can’t always keep them out of danger.

    By the way – I updated my blog thinking you were planning to up date the Coffee Swap blog. Now when I write a post I don’t see it appearing on the blog.


  7. Kathy

    Poor Little Man. And poor KnittyMama. Those little people need to learn things the hard way sometimes. I’m glad he didn’t get too injured.

  8. Kelle

    I can remember being told not to play with the lighter in the car but I didn’t think it looked hot enough to burn me, I was wrong and I found out the hard way. Glad he’s Okay, don’t feel bad they will always, always, always test the boundries.

  9. RheLynn

    Oh :o( Sorry to hear your little one got himself into a bad mess – but glad to hear it isn’t truly serious. I remember as a little kid visiting over at my mom’s girlfriend’s house when her little boy pulled a pan of boiling water down over his head.. **shivers** on purpose, because she told him not to touch it. He did go to the ER.

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