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Knit for the Hounds!

By now, most of you have met Gracie, our adopted retired racer. We adpoted her after a rough racing career when she was just about four years old. It’s been a rough transition for her. She was so afraid and introverted (we guess because of the way she was treated) that she wouldn’t sleep or relax anywhere other than her kennel for about two years. Through lots of love and hard work, she’s gotten used to the retired life and is now a happy girl (although she still won’t climb the stairs to the second story of our house!)

Not all retirees are a shy as our Grace. Most adapt pretty quickly to their new life and just need more assistance on how to live in a house, such as “you can’t walk through a screen door” and “yeah, linoleum is slippery, isn’t it?” They are often called the “forty mile an hour couch potato” because that’s pretty much what they do all day. Surprisingly, they don’t need to run all day long. Greyhounds are sprinters and burn up their energy pretty quick. A short walk or a zip around the backyard and she’s happy. They are sweet and gentle dogs.

So why all the info? First, I love to tell people about these wonderful dogs who badly need homes. You don’t even want to hear what happens to the ones who don’t find a place, it really is heartbreaking. So if you are in need of a dog and really want to help, by all means check out this info. Not quite ready for a dog? Well, you can knit, can’t you??

Our local chapter, Greyhound Pets of America-MN is having a fundraiser craft sale the first weekend of February and we are in need of donated items. Anything will do: dishcloths, hats, felted potholders or bags, scarves…..whatever comes to mind! Items need to be here by January 27th at the latest so we have time to get it all ready. Want to donate something? E-mail me at knittymama AT yahoo DOT com and I’ll let you know where to send your item/s. If you’re local I’ll let you know where to drop them off. There are a few sites around the metro area. Your donation will help raise money, which means more dogs will be able to be adopted into homes like ours (and maybe yours!)

So, can you help??



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Feels like Minnesota again

We got snow on New Year’s Eve and it’s such a relief to have such beautiful weather. I absolutely love Winter. I love the starkness of it all, especially when out in the country. In the city however, winter loses some of its power and tends to just get drabby and dirty looking. The snow cleans it all up and everything is beautiful again.

The Skeptic and Little Man have been enjoying the weather. Poor Knittybaby is working on three teeth and a nasty runny nose; he’s just been feeling crummy so the two of us have been doing a lot of relaxing and cuddling in the house.

Good guesses on the mitten. It my first of Eunny’s Anemoi mittens. I’ve been experimenting on the best way for me to handle to two yarns for the colorwork. Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll see how it goes!

I cast on for another pair of mittens, these for Little Man:

They are Norah Gaughan’s Target Wave Mittens from Interweave Knits Fall 2006; also in her book, Knitting Nature. Little Man requested orange and white, a rare change from his usual love of blue.

This was my car knitting on the way home from my parent’s house, a sock in Lorna’s Laces sport. I was going to do the entire thing in garter stitch rib but wasn’t liking how the colors were looking in the stitch, so I changed to plain stockinette the rest of the way down.

I was tagged by Suz for the 6 Weird Things meme. Here I am in all my weirdness:

1. I only eat one item off my plate at a time, and always eat my salad last.

2. We don’t have a dishwasher and I’m happy that way. I actually find handwashing dishes kind of relaxing and really don’t mind doing them.

3. I’m a bassoonist. Okay, that’s not really weird but really, how many bassoonists do you know?

4. If my fingernails are just the tiniest bit long it drives me nuts.

5. I’m a freak about my floors and probably sweep the kitchen alone eight times a day. If I step on anything, even a crumb, it drives me nuts. You’d think with this fixation I’d have super clean floors, but with two cats, a dog, two little boys, a husband who can’t wipe his feet and hardwood throughout the house, it just means I walk around with a broom a lot saying “can you believe how disgusting these @#$% floors are???!!!”

6. I pierced my own nose in college. It took forever because I was too chicken to just poke it through and it hurt like hell. I went home for winter break two weeks later and my Dad was so embarrased he gave me $50 to get rid of it. Funny thing is I’m actually bummmed I took the $50 and wish it was still pierced, but hey, that was a lot of money to a college freshman. Maybe I’ll pierce it again one of these days, but then again, that money could buy yarn!

It seems everyone has done this meme already, and I’m too tired to see who hasn’t, so if that’s you you’re it!

“Floors? She’s lying….I always wipe my feet!”


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