Daily Archives: January 30, 2007

Thanks, SP9!!!

How incredibly cute is this package? I love bags, and this one is the absolute perfect size for a small project. Look at the little notions bag! Cute.

Even cuter? The yarn cutter. I’ve always wanted one of these and it’s adorable. And the row counter bracelet? Love it! I need one of these badly. (Note to self, hide from Little Man)

But there’s more! Sock yarn! And roving!! The colors are gorgeous; I absolutely love them both. The yarn is a type I’ve never seen before: Jojoland. It is so soft and practically irridescent.
And have you noticed all the cute little notes? This whole package made my day. Thank you so much, SP9!!!!

Hmmmm…..what on earth could this be? Chris, cover your eyes!!!

My three scarves for the GPA-MN craft sale are done and blocking and most of the donations are here. Show and tell coming soon!



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