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We Train ‘Em Young

Knittybaby had another visit with his cardiologist yesterday. I was pretty nervous about it, as lately his heart condition has sort of slipped into the back of my mind. On a day to day basis there’s nothing much to think about. It’s more the long term that is serious and the matter of when he will be having surgery. When we first saw the cardiologist in June, it was looking like the recommendation would be to have surgery this year sometime. Although he was doing great at his last appointment, I was worried that this time the doctor would say, “it’s time” and while part of me just wants this operation done with, the other part of me just wants to wait as long as possible.

Well, yesterday was good news! His coarctation has stayed the same: no big difference in his blood pressure and the pumping chamber is good as ever. His doctor said he looks so good we don’t have to come back for another year!!! Even better, he did say that while more than likely he will have to have the surgery someday, in the meantime it looks like it could be a quite a few years. He just wants to monitor him and make sure that things don’t change. He also said if they do need to operate when he is younger they will probably just put a stent in his aorta rather than do the entire procedure. That way they can wait until he is older and there might be a better way to repair his aorta than there is now. So while that heart surgery is still looming out there, it looks like it will be a long way off, when he is older, stronger and more able to handle it.

Now if that last tooth would just come in.



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