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Blog housekeeping

A few changes around here:

First, if you subscribe through Bloglines, you’ll notice that you are now seeing just the first few lines of this post rather than the entire post (that is, if I made the correct changes). I made this change because of the whole Bitacle mess Chris brought up the other week. Now, when I checked my blog on Bitacle it was credited to me and there was no advertising (recent changes they apparently made). However, I was reading on Stop Bitacle that this isn’t the only place this type of stealing goes on. I really didn’t want to have to make that switch, as I know it’s a lot faster on Bloglines when you can just read the whole post right there. However, it seems that shortening my post is the best way I can prevent it from being swiped, as thievery makes me a crabby Knittymama.

Second, I did add the Haloscan comments so I can now reply to everyone. But I didn’t eliminate my Blogger comments yet; that would mean I would lose all those previous comments since I can’t transfer them to Haloscan. Not sure what to do about that. So in the meantime, if you could use the Haloscan comments that would be great.

I’m also considering a switch to WordPress. My questions for those who made the switch: Love it? Hate it? Worth it? Why? Words of advice? My SP9 loves it and I’ve heard other good things as well. If I do switch it will take my awhile as I want to get everything organized; this blog’s always been a little sloppy! So we’ll see. I look forward to hearing what you think.



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