Daily Archives: November 3, 2006


I really appreciate all the kinds words about Gracie’s health and our anniversary. I really wish Blogger was set up so I could e-mail every single one of you. I often think of switching to another blog program just for that reason. But I do appreciate every comment that each one of you leaves, very, very much!

Gracie is on the way to good health. It looks like IBS is the culprit. She is on three medications now and is switching to a new food. Hopefully this will all take care of it. No accidents this week!

We are going out on our first “date” since Knittybaby was born tomorrow. We’re talking the whole deal here, wine, multiple courses (a second mortgage to pay for it?). Hopefully Knittybaby will do okay with my parents for the evening. As you guys know he’s not the easiest kid to get to sleep, so we’ll be making an earlier reservation just in case. If he goes to sleep, well, then more time for us! Either way, I can promise wherever we go there will no kids menu.

My Socktoberfest socks are getting their toes stitched up tonight, so no photo yet. Here’s some Little Man art to hold you over. Have a great weekend!



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