Daily Archives: November 11, 2006

The little things are everywhere….

So Knittybaby is on the move. My peaceful existance (did I realy just say “peaceful?”) is over. No longer can I just clear a little area on the floor and plop him down. And no matter how hard I try to contain it, Little Man’s little stuff is everywhere. I think every other word out of my mouth is, “Crap, get that! It’s a CHOKING HAZARD!!!!” as Knittybaby does his beast to devour paper, plant leaves, and the wheels off his big brother’s trains. My ultra paranoia is starting to make the Skeptic a little bit crazy, who being a farm boy and all, tends to be a little less freaked out about things.

When Little Man was small this age was easy. We had one small box of toys for him that were no problem. All I had to do was mop and let him go. This, however, is a new deal. Moms of two? How on earth did you handle this? I keep trying to keep the small toys upstairs but they migrate, everywhere!!!

The sweater story is coming, seriously. But I need good pictures for you all, and I’ve been busy setting up partners for the coffee swap. But that’s done, it’s sunny day, perfect for a photo shoot.

Oh, and thanks for all the comment suggestions. I’m either going for Haloscan or WordPress. In the meantime, you all as ever, totally rock. And sorry if I’ve been awol from your blogs. I’m a week behind on Bloglines…..sigh. I’ll be back.:-)



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