Blog housekeeping

A few changes around here:

First, if you subscribe through Bloglines, you’ll notice that you are now seeing just the first few lines of this post rather than the entire post (that is, if I made the correct changes). I made this change because of the whole Bitacle mess Chris brought up the other week. Now, when I checked my blog on Bitacle it was credited to me and there was no advertising (recent changes they apparently made). However, I was reading on Stop Bitacle that this isn’t the only place this type of stealing goes on. I really didn’t want to have to make that switch, as I know it’s a lot faster on Bloglines when you can just read the whole post right there. However, it seems that shortening my post is the best way I can prevent it from being swiped, as thievery makes me a crabby Knittymama.

Second, I did add the Haloscan comments so I can now reply to everyone. But I didn’t eliminate my Blogger comments yet; that would mean I would lose all those previous comments since I can’t transfer them to Haloscan. Not sure what to do about that. So in the meantime, if you could use the Haloscan comments that would be great.

I’m also considering a switch to WordPress. My questions for those who made the switch: Love it? Hate it? Worth it? Why? Words of advice? My SP9 loves it and I’ve heard other good things as well. If I do switch it will take my awhile as I want to get everything organized; this blog’s always been a little sloppy! So we’ll see. I look forward to hearing what you think.



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2 responses to “Blog housekeeping

  1. kmkat

    I shortened my posts in Bloglines, too, for the same reason that you did (thanks, Chris!). For my own reading, I use Bloglines only to know which blogs have updated; I prefer to read the blogs on their own pages because the individual visual layout of each blog helps me keep them straight. So many have “knit” or “purl” in them that I can’t keep them straight without an effort. The visual thing does it for me without any effort on my part.

  2. Sheepish Annie

    Thanx for the info. I have also switched over to a partial view on Bloglines just in case. What a pain!

    My Dad uses WordPress for the family blog. I find it to be a bit cumbersome, but that is probably because I’m so used to Blogger. I may be changing soon myself since I have recently registered my domain name (I kinda like it and all) and the host uses WordPress. Not gonna happen anytime soon, though. Too Busy!!!

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