Daily Archives: November 21, 2006

Knittybaby takes on Rocky Balboa

Or at least he looks like he just did. My poor guy, in his eagerness to go places, took a major digger into a pile of Leggos today. Face first. So between his scraped up nose, and the fact that he has a cold, which makes his eyes all red and puffy, he looks like he just got finished filming “Rocky: The Early Days.” Poor guy.

I’ve decided that even though Little Man loves them, Leggos are evil. No matter how hard I try to pick them up, I step on at least one every time I got in Little Man’s room. Their sharp pointy corners hurt bare feet and tiny baby noses, an I’m seriously thinking they just have to go before they end up in a tiny baby mouth. But Little Man adores them, and will sit quietly forever playing with them. I try keeping them in his bedroom which actually works pretty well. But, we still need to go in there sometimes and then Knittybaby has to be watched like a hawk, which isn’t easy these days; he’s getting fast. I think I just need to stash them up in the closet for awhile.

My sweater story is in progress. I still haven’t gotten my picture yet due to Knittybaby’s stuffiness. So I leave you with my sad neglected spinning wheel:

Notice the three year old spinning wheel abuse?



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