Okay, maybe it’s not an invasion yet, I’m not sure what it is, I only know this fact: I found a sock with a very suspicious looking hole in it on Saturday. A sock that was callously left with it’s mate and another pair on my closet floor all summer long, because as you faithful readers know, eating and clean underwear have been the major household goals since Knittybaby has joined our family. Actually folding laundry and cleaning the floors come in second. Then there are the toys to pick up. Handwashing and lovingly packing my handknits away for the summer? Didn’t even make the list.

On to the hole. A year and a half ago, while doing the spring washing and packing of all things woolen, I found a weird hole in an angora sweater I owned. I washed it thoroughly, and packed it in a brown paper bag because Martha Stewart says moths can’t eat through cellulose. I found no other trace of anything mothish and forgot about it. Until Saturday.

I looked at everything else made of animal fiber in my closet. No more holes. Nothing suspicious. The other three socks looked fine. Clapotis? Untouched. Mod City? Nothing. I emptied my closet, vaccuumed thoroughly, and threw the socks in water for a half hour, then hung them outside. They are still there. What else do I do?

My stash is in another room, another closet. It seems okay. What do I do with the sock? Toss it? Unravel and reuse? Am I now hugely at risk for mass moth infestation? Or can you just have a tiny moth hole in your sock and have that be the end of it? The biggest thing is I don’t have the time to really go through each and every skein of yarn with a fine tooth comb. Am I too delusional to think this is the end of it?

Asise from the hole, Saturday just got better and better. You want to know what totally makes up for the lack 0f quiet morning coffee time? Snuggling with your boys at bedtime. There is nothing that makes a bad day alright again and a good day even better than that!



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7 responses to “Invasion!

  1. Catherine

    ACK! You’re making me want to go check all of my yarn! I recently removed it from a nice plastic box in favor of being able to see it…heaven help it!

    Cuddling is wonderful. It’s been the only redeeming quality of this week of teething around our house…ugh.

  2. Chris

    Eeek! I wonder if it was carpet beetles??? I don’t know enough to be helpful, only enough to be alarming….

  3. Guinifer

    I am so jealous – at 15 and 10 – I get no cuddles. Thank goodness for the dog – oh and the DH!

  4. Mama Grouch

    Hmmmm, I find it suspicious that you didn’t find holes in the other three socks…

    ok, I totally have to admit that I am picturing myself wearing tweed and smoking a pipe right now

    …very suspicious indeed. I wouldn’t panic if I were you, especially since you don’t really have time to panic nor time to do anything about it if you were to panic. As for what to do with the sock, didn’t knitty recently have an article about repairing items? You probably already knew that, but that is the best that I can think of…

    I often describe cuddling with the Creep as better than cuddling with a kitten/puppy hybrid.

  5. Sheepish Annie

    I’m not sure I’d hit the panic button just yet. Keep an eye open for critters and treat them with the disrespect they deserve for sullying your sock. It doesn’t sound like a full-on invasion at this point, but vigilence is the key! Best of luck!!

  6. irishmama

    Now I’m going to have to check my socks. Cuddling is wondweful. My 11 year old son was the best cuddler when he was a baby, and now he won’t cuddle at all, so enjoy.

  7. Kelly

    Now I want to check all my sweaters and yarn. Not to mention, I my just buy some cedar.

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