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Me, Knittybaby and the Harlot….

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get this post up! (I’ve been too busy reading everyone else’s recap of the big event!)

I dropped LittleMan off at my brother’s house midday for an afternoon of football and hanging out with the uncle. Catherine picked me up, and we were off to Eau Claire! We had a nice drive there and Knittybaby graciously slept the whole way.

I was excited to see how many Minnesota knitters made it there and only wished we had more time to talk (we really need a Minnesota knit-blogger get together!) Can I do this without forgetting anyone? There was Chris, Jess, Tipper, Stephania, Deb, Shelly, Christy, Kelle, Jeanne…I know I’m missing someone…..let me know if it’s you! I got to meet Deb (you are hilarious, by the way, I need to get out to Coldwater soon!) but I didn’t realize Jeanne was of K3tog so I didn’t get a chance to say hello to her. I met Shelly when she came to my rescue (more later). Catherine took a great shot of Knittybaby and I in the circle of handknit socks.

The Harlot was, as expected, even funnier in person. She talked for quite a long time and amazingly Knittybaby slept through most of the laughter. I was sad when it was the end of her talk, but then it was on to Yellow Dog Knits for the book signing! (Check out Knittybaby and I meeting the Harlot on the Yellow Dog Blog).

I have to say, Dixie, the owner, was so welcoming and helpful! She really made it a great night. At the end of her talk, Stephanie said the those of us with babies got to go first in line. Catherine and I walked over to the shop with Dixie, who let us in through the back and took me to the front of the line; nothing like getting to jump in front of a hundred people:-) But, like many other knitters have said, as soon as I was standing in front of her I realized I had no idea what to say. She admired Knittybaby’s handknits, and I told her I was trying to get my Olympic project done in time for Knittybaby’s baptism, “No problem, you’ll finish.” she said. Then I said something lame about how she should write a book on how to nurse and knit at the same time. “Lot’s of pillows!” was her reply. Then before I knew it the next person was there and I realized I hadn’t asked for my picture or mentioned my blog!!

This is where I got all junior high….I was too nervous to interrupt and ask and didn’t want to butt back in front of all those knitters again, so I just took a picture from the side. Dixie let me use her office to relax and nurse after some yarn shopping, but I was still bummed about the picture. I mentioned to a bunch of the Minnesota knitters that I didn’t get ask for one. “Go back, she won’t care!” they all said but as they encouraged me I just kept waffling….”I’m to nervous… I can’t interrupt….” Finally Shelly (coming to my rescue) offered to ask her for me. I felt like such a dork, being too nervous to go back on my own, but thank you Shelly, it worked! I got a great picture, and the best part was this: When I told her my blog she hit me on the arm and said, “You’re Knittymama? I know you, you should have told me!” I almost died, she knew my blog!!! That made my night, and it was totally worth interrupting for.

Afterwards, Catherine and I had a relaxing drive back home, I picked up Little Man and learned he had been “a little wild” and the Packers had been badly beaten. So I had a much better night than my brother. Thanks, Mike!!

Now, where are my pictures? We’ll, it’s 11:30, Knittybaby is crashed on my lap and my camera is nowhere near right now. I’ll get my pictures up soon. I just wanted to at least get my post up tonight while I had some quiet time to type.



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