Daily Archives: September 1, 2006


Well, we’ve made it through staff development week. I had to go in every day except today for staff development, open house, and getting my classroom ready. For the most part I’m ready to go for Tuesday, just a little nervous about the age adjustment. I can handle a room full of ornery, hormonal teenagers with my eyes closed. But a room full of kindergarteners? Let’s just say it’s going to be interesting!

Knittybaby actually took an ounce and a half of my milk the other day while I was gone, which was a big improvement, but he’s still preferring to hold out until I get back. In the meantime I’ve already got a stockpile of frozen milk stored up. Knittybaby will be 6 months in just a few weeks and is starting to grab at our food, so we can start solids soon. I figure we try mixing some breastmilk with babyfood and see if he goes for that during the day. Either way, I feel like we turned the corner since he took some of my milk in a bottle, at least enough to take the edge off and make him less upset until I get home. Thank God I’m only working part time!

I’m so excited, I cast on for the last panel for the heirloom baby shawl last night! This is a huge pain, as you need a total of 185 stitches and it is a picot edge, not fun as it takes forever, but at least I can see the end and know I’ll have it done by the baptism. Of course, it is also full of little black hairs:

“It wasn’t me, really…they are grey hairs, not black! It was Basil, I swear it!”



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