You know how sometimes you have one of those morni…

You know how sometimes you have one of those mornings where you really need just twenty minutes to sit and drink your coffee in a quiet living room, but instead everyone wakes up right away? And your three year old absolutely must play Jay-Jay the Jet Plane with you and your baby has a cold so instead of peacefully nursing he just gets all ticked off because his nose is all plugged up, and your husband is trying to be helpful so he sprays about a gallon of bleach all over the bathroom so you can’t even go in there and pee without getting a massive headache? And all you really, really wanted to do was have just twenty, even fifteen minutes of quiet-hot-coffee-drinking time? Yeah, it’s been one of those mornings.

Knittybaby’s baptism is in one week, and this is the weekend we must GET STUFF DONE. It’s stressing me just a tad. (Okay, a lot more than a tad…) But, Knittybaby has unstuffed a bit and finally is nursing peacefully, so I take a break and give you pictures:

This is what you get while trying to take a picture of the Harlot and hold your wiggly baby at the same time:

This is what you take when you realize you didn’t ask for a picture and are too much of a polite Midwesterner to interrupt and ask:

This is what you buy while trying to decide if you have enough guts to just go back and ask. Mountain Colors Twizzle and a locally made shawl pin purchased at Yellow Dog Knits. I can’t remember who makes them…Dixie?

This is what you get when you find another blogger who is much better at interrupting than you are:

A happy ending, me, Knittybaby and the Harlot!!

Moving on…..

This is what you get when you go to Digs in Northfield, MN. This shop is incredible. I mean really, really incredible. Fabric, yarn, ribbon and a bunch of beautiful stuff. The blue ribbon is for the Heirloom Baby Shawl, which has only two rows left and I cast off!! Then it’s just sewing it up, adding ribbon and I’m done!

Finally, my first completed socks for Sock-a-Month Two:

The specs:
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic sportweight
Pattern: too-up ribbing pattern that came with the yarn, slightly modified at the cuff.
Needles: size three

Notes: beautiful, soft superwash yarn that holds up when when mistakingly thrown in with the underwear on hot, although everything else turned pink, including someone’s boxers. Glad I did not make the mistake!

I want to give a plug to Meelah, who was my missing blogger in Eau Claire. I didn’t get a chance to meet her either. Hopefully next time. Thanks, Stephania!



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11 responses to “You know how sometimes you have one of those morni…

  1. Sheepish Annie

    What a great picture of you and The Harlot! And just think of the languaged development leaps KnittyBaby will make by just having been in the presence of such a wordsmith as she! The baptism will go smoothly, I’m sure and all will be remembered fondly despite the stress leading up to it. Good luck in your search for those elusive 20 minutes of peace. I’m rootin’ for ya!

  2. Chris

    Lovely picture of you, Knittybaby, and the Harlot! Great socks, too – hee hee, glad they survived the wash handily.

    I hope you find your 15 minutes of peace and sanity sometime today…

  3. Deb

    We all have colds over here too…just miserable. Hope KnittyBaby is better by next week. Good luck with the baptism; it’ll all go well I’m sure.

  4. Guinifer

    There will be days when all you have is peace and quiet. Be patient. My mom always tells me “this too, shall pass” when I complain about the kids. Makes me want to smack her, but she’s right. Hope you have a better evening.

  5. Dixie Grilley @ Yellow Dog Knitting

    Hey Knittymama

    Oh boy do I remember those longings for quite moments but even when you did get them, they went way too fast. Then you remember how much you miss being able to do that, that it’s sometimes better to just not go there. Just tell yourself “I’m not tired”, “I’m not tired”, “I’m not tired”. Yeah right! I’ll pour an extra cup tomorrow for you! (My fist day off in 14 days!!!!!!!!! Yee Haw)

  6. Teri

    Very pretty socks! And I’m lusting after that fabric at the bottom of the stack; it’s gorgeous!

  7. Catherine

    Ooh! Congratulations on being close-to-done on the baptism shawl! Can’t wait to see photos. I know what you mean about 20 minutes to yourself. I aimed to finish Jackson’s pumpkin hat this weekend and I’m just now sitting down to knit my first stitch of the weekend – it’s Sunday night at 9:28! Ah well.

    Jackson’s coming down with the sniffles too. Must be all this fall air – I love it, but it’s hard on the babies!

  8. moirae

    I was gone this weekend, but next time you decide to come out this way to Digs, drop me a line, I’ll give you my number and call me and we can shop together.

    I’m glad you liked it. If I sewed I’d love it more. If I break down and buy cashmere for a shawl, I will become addicted to it.


  9. moirae

    here is the link for twizzle from Mountain Colors.

    In other words, Mountain Colors makes Mountain Colors. I look forward to see what you do with that gorgeous stuff.

  10. jennifer

    so cool – very proud of you for making the trip with knittybaby in tow. impressive – and a great pic!

  11. Diane

    Good for you for taking Knitbaby and seeing the Harlot.Very cute pic. I use to wish for those 20 minutes of alone time. Now that my “babies” are 18 to 24 yrs I’ve got plenty of alone time and I must say it’s very nice. Just hang in there and things will be better.

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