How embarassing… all these new visitors from the…

How embarassing… all these new visitors from the Harlot’s Eau Claire post, and I’m talking about clean underwear! I promise, we are not quite that disfunctional over here. Knittybaby turns six months today, and Little Man is just about three and a half now. As I like to say around here, we have been adjusting. I like to think that we are adjusted now, which is why I finally decided it was time to clean out my closet. Poor socks….they are still out on the clothesline but no further evidence of moth invasion. I hoping it was a fluke. Anyway, for those new visitors, here is my Harlot Post #1 and Harlot Post #2( with pictures).

On the knitting front, I am rounding the corner on Knittybaby’s Heirloom Baby Shawl and I have to say I am very proud of this project. It is definitely the most beautiful thing I have knitted. Two more seams to go and I will have pictures for you too see. Three days to the baptism; I’m gonna make it!

Lastly, something fun: Fiberflix. If you like to knit and watch movies this is for you!



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7 responses to “How embarassing… all these new visitors from the…

  1. Catherine

    Can’t wait to see that baptismal shawl! Go! Go! Go!


  2. Sheepish Annie

    Hey, I’ve posted some pretty scary underwear posts myself! It is a real part of life and you and I can take pride in acknowledging it! 😉 I caught the Harlot’s post…yay you and knittybaby!

  3. irishmama

    Can’t wait to see the baby shawl

  4. Kate

    I was terrified last spring about moths and it turned out okay. No major infestation, just one ruined project. Great picture of you, knittybaby and the harlot! I just found some of that Mt. Colors twizzle and I’m crazy about it!

  5. Chris

    I’m still going to keep my fingers crossed for you on the moth thing! Glad to hear that the baptismal shawl is going well.

  6. RheLynn

    Happy half-birthday Knittybaby!
    I’ll love to see the shawl when it is debuted too :o)

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