Maybe I’m just behind…why aren’t knitters talking about this??? I’m in love….what to knit first???


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  1. I’m with ‘ya – I love everything in the Forest Faeries section!

  2. Joyce Riedesel

    I made three pairs of Houdini socks the week Twist came out. I love the pattern!

  3. Okay, how did Joyce know about this and I didn’t? Have I not been listening closely during knit night? That is where the Houdini (curse them and their scariness) socks came from?

    Going to go find some new patterns now!

  4. Guinifer

    You were busy being 8+ months pregnant, hon – it probably didn’t rank up there high enough to grab your attention!

  5. What Guinifer said. 🙂

  6. Feng-Yi

    how’s going? Almost one month, I miss you in the building. Hopefully we can get together before you come back.

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