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You may want to cover your eyes

Remember these soakers???

5.30 random 002

Yeah, the cutest pair I ever knit, that not only were a perfect fit but made use of my many soaker scraps, saving me $30+ for yarn for a new pair? The same soakers that Knittykid actually danced around with happiness for?

Sit down. Here they are now:



The suspects?

The Skeptic
My Mom
My Grandma
Little Man
Knittykid (not that the last two do the laundry, but they do occasionally throw something in the basket)

This is what happens in the first weeks after you have your third baby and you are lucky enough to have people who love you doing all the laundry. My guess is that they got tossed in with the boys laundry by mistake, but ooooh, what an “ouch” this one was. At least Spinner will be able to grow into them!

Mom, if it was you, I still love ya’!!! 🙂


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