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Keep your fingers crossed for me. As I write this post, Knittykid is half asleep in a nest of blankets on the carpet. For the last 5.5 years I have prayed for one of those kids who just falls asleep when tired and it’s happened about twice; once was when Little Man ate a whole bottle of homeopathic teething medicine. They just don’t tucker out easily around here.

The down side of this is that Knittykid stripped himself down to nothing before making his nest, and he still needs a diaper when he sleeps. We also need to be dressed and walking to the bus stop in one hour, which makes this whole possible nap futile and a bit reckless on my part. But it’s so quiet right now, I can’t resist….

The ouch??? I came down with a massive case of mastitis Sunday night. Monday I was so ill I barely had the energy to walk to the bathroom. Thanks to my smart midwives I’m on the mend and about 80% better. But now it’s a gloomy Minnesota day, the kind when I’m not sure what to do with myself, which is then compounded by the fact that I have a baby who only likes to nap in the sling and orders to “take it easy.” So I’ll blog, and maybe knit, and I’ll ignore the mess I keep looking at. And enjoy this quiet while it lasts.

Spinner turned a whopping six weeks yesterday. He also started blessing us with his first real baby smiles. Not the sweet little newborn smiles, but the smiles that say, “Hey, I know you! And I like you! And you’re kind of funny! And you feed me too!” I love those smiles, and I love them even more when he gives them to his big brothers. All three of them were snuggling in bed with us yesterday, smiling and laughing and boy did that make up for the three part screamfest we had the night before.

No new baby pics today, I’m too lazy to download right now. But I do have a WIP to show off. Can’t tell you much as it’s a gift. But if you read Spin Off you may be able to guess!!


Knittykid’s awake…probably for the best since the school district does not consider “new baby plus toddler” reason enough to give you a bus stop in front of your house.



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